Thursday, November 29, 2012


Two days ago I got the best news I could possibly get. My abusive ex has decided to relinquish his parental rights and not do battle in court over his rights to see my boys.

I was beyond thankful when I received the phone call from my attorney informing me of the news. I even asked him if he was kidding. He chuckled. I've never heard him chuckle. He knew he was giving me one of the best presents ever!

All of us cried with joy. This man has done horrible things and it was mind numbing that he could even be allowed to go to court to fight for 'his right' to see them. We are beyond relieved.

Now, we can move on with life. I hope that he chooses to move on now as well and after all these years, will finally leave us alone. No stalking, no harassing, no demands.

What more can I say other than I am very thankful. Thank you to all who have thought of us during this trying time. It's been greatly appreciated.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rescue Dogs & Paulette Mahurin

Paulette's painting of Tazzie

Animals are very dear to me. I own several and understand the responsibility that goes with having an animal. My animals become my other children. My children and I pamper them and talk to them as if they completely understand us. And to some degree, I believe the animals understand us far better than most people give them credit.

To close my interview with Paulette Mahurin, the author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, we saved the best for last, a discussion about one of her greatest passions, dogs. All of the proceeds from her book go to her local animal shelter, Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center or SPARC, to help defray the cost of caring for the animals at this no kill shelter. This shelter takes in unwanted dogs and cats, gives them all their shots, and has them spayed or neutered before letting them out for adoption. Click on that link and check them out. They are a small shelter and I'm sure they would love help of any kind.

For 15 years, Tazzie, Paulette's beloved, rescued Rottweiler, stood by her side. She was there for her when Paulette acquired Lyme's disease that raked through her body with meningitis, arthritis, and even partial paralysis. It took time for Paulette to recuperate, and Tazzie was there for her. In honor of her, Paulette turned to the only no kill shelter in her small county and asked if she could help.

"It's the only no-kill animal shelter in the county where I live. Seeing the faces of the sad, horribly depressed animals, in cages awaiting death, because they were born, that's their only crime, no one wants them, and their life will be destroyed. This shelter takes in animals and each one has a chance at life. I can't think of anything more precious. Dogs are one of my greatest passions. I can't imagine a world without them and as long as I live I will do what I can to adopt and help them when I can. It fills my heart that I can give profits to this worthy cause."

Dogs and cats have a way of finding their way into our hearts. Animals don't really ask for much more than some love and attention in order for them to be completely devoted to you. They will snuggle with you when you're happy or sad. My own cat has come and gotten me when my youngest son was having a seizure in another room. I've had dogs put themselves between me and harm's way. I have a dog right now putting his head in my lap with his wet muzzle thanking me for feeding him. Animals help my heart beat. They make me the Tela I am. I'm sure there are many more of you out there who feel the same way.

Thank you, Paulette, for giving so much or your time to do this interview. You are an inspiration to people everywhere.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paulette Mahurin on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

I'm continuing my interview today with Paulette Mahurin about her novel The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. Enjoy!
** I found this novel to be very relevant to today. What do you think?
Definitely. The human condition has evolved in many ways but in many ways not. Persecution is alive and well throughout the world, as is the case with teen bullying and suicides, the ethnic wars being fought, women mutilation in some developing countries, battles against the morbidly obese, socially unacceptable, those off the bell curve are deemed freaks and made fun of. The gossip and hate mongers surrounding Josie, in the book, can be replicated in small towns everywhere (and large cities, of course), where hearts are closed and egos strive on putting others down, persecution will thrive. Aside from my passion to help animals, advocating for tolerance is an equal passion, a world where people can come out of their closets and live their lives without fear of being damaged, emotionally or physically, and I'm not just talking about the GLBT communities, but anyone who differs and fears rejection because of that.
** How many books have you written?
This is my first. I've written and won awards in college for a couple of short stories but this is my first full length.
** What’s the hardest part of writing for you?
Getting out of the way and letting the story take the lead. I put in a lot of time researching and wanted to show off what I learned. Like the kid jumping out of their chair in school, screeching pick me, pick me! I spend months on some topics and included a lot in the book but when my editor saw it she said cut, cut, cut...! It sounds way too didactic, too history lesson classroomish...Oh crap, what do I cut? I was deflated because I had to reduce pages, almost two chapters down to a couple of paragraphs but when I read through the rewritten manuscript, it was better, flowed without distraction. I had to cut a lot, which is probably why the book is not that long, only 202 pp, lol!

** How did your experience with battered women help you in writing this book?

I think it gave me a little realistic depth on the hurt that is caused. It's one thing to read about it, but when you see a woman lying on an examining table, crying and bruised, it does something to you, to your cells, your heart. It must have poured out of me in some of the scenes with the torment Mildred and Edra lived through.
Thank you so much, Paulette, for your wonderful interview! Friday, I look forward to discussing your love for dogs and the rescue work you support.
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paulette Mahurin Interview Continued

Today I'm continuing to check in with Paulette Mahurin. This is a picture of Paulette with her good friend, Charlotte. Paulette is the author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, a book that opens the eyes of readers to the harsh reality of being bullied.

** What character can you most relate to from your novel and why?

Charley, because he had his life ripped away by the death of his wife, and when he wanted to die, hit rock bottom, he was open to change. A few years back, while working in the ER, I got a tick bite. Six months later, I became seriously ill and it was the Orthopedic Surgeon who ran some blood work and diagnosed Lyme Disease. I fell of the face of the proverbial earth and was home bound, unable to do much of anything but write. The story that came out of me and facing myself with this illness
changed me in the most amazing way, I became grateful. The littlest things started to matter, that I still had my vision (that's not such a little thing but I had taken it for granted before), that I could hear, that I had a roof over my head, food on the table, and so I was ill so what. I could still make my attitude what I wanted. Charley was like that. He had a major life metamorphosis and took the hand that was dealt to him and decided to come back to live. He's a decent man, a good friend, loyal, and I like to think I possess some of those qualities. I love him because he's so real, so authentic, what you see is what you get.
** In my own life I’ve had churches persecute me for being a single parent and most recently for participating. What role do you think the church plays in present day to validating the persecution of certain people?

The problem is not with The Church but with the group think, the you have to go along or you won't belong mentality, or worse, you're bad and should be punished because you don't agree with us. Human beings have fundamental needs to belong, to be accepted, to be loved, to have friends, be supported, I don't know anyone who doesn't unless that person is insane, in a catatonic state. When the group robs us of our individuality and doesn't accept that because of their collective think, in my book that's a shade of cult gray.

Thank you, Paulette, for joining me again today! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow as well!

You can find Paulette's worthwhile book at these places:

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Interview with Paulette Mahurin

I caught up to Paulette Mahurin, the author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. We had a lovely time chatting and I look forward to hosting more of that interview all week. Check out the review of her book on a previous post here. Happy Reading!
1. First of all tell me a little about yourself. Whatever you want to tell me and your readers.

First let me say, thank you so much for having me here, Tela, at your most wonderfully inspirational blog site. You really are an inspiration.

Now, for the answer to the question, which you may find weird but I am going to answer spontaneously, and not try to sound educated or intelligent, those kind of answers from other usually drive me off the read, lol. What I want to say is, I'm interested in you, Tela. And, you, the reader. I know about me but I don't know about you. Of course, I'd love to answer any specific questions anyone has but really I just love to listen to
people, to hear their stories, and watch their eyes light up when they see
someone really is listening. The little bit about myself that I will say is I am a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Women's Health in a rural clinic where I live and work, in Ojai, CA. Before this job I spent years working
and teaching in the second busiest emergency room (ER) in Los County, with the highest census of child abuse. Not a lot I have't seen or dealt with. I live with my husband, Terry (a retired NASA attorney) and our two dogs from a kill shelter, Max & Bella. My passions are writing and dogs, which is why the profits from my book are going to the first and only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County, (Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center) CA, the county I live in.

2. What made you interested in writing a book about a woman’s persecution?

I specialize in Women's Health professionally, and while working in the
emergency room did the SARS exams (sexual assault exams). I do a lot of pro-bono work with women struggling with cancer and other health
related issues, as well as social issues. I also have helped people in the closet who have been molested. Because I'm so involved with women and their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual issues when I started to
write these things were on my mind so it is no wonder that when I was
inspired by a photo of two women, dressed in circa turn of the twentieth century garb, the theme of women's persecution surfaced.
Look for more of Paulette's interview tomorrow!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin

I recently read Paulette Mahurin's novel The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. It is brilliantly written making the reader feel what each character is experiencing. It carries the reader along and literally made me want to scream at a couple of people.

Having experienced unwarranted persecution myself, I could easily relate to Mildred and Edra in the novel. They are two ladies who have never lifted one finger to harm anyone in the town; yet, become the brunt of the town's gossip as the world spins over the discovery that Oscar Wilde is gay. These people have nothing better to do with their time than point their finger at other people. How easily the gossips forget that when one points a finger at someone they still have 3 fingers stubbornly continuing to point at themselves.

Just like anyone else who is a bully, these gossips are unrelenting, cold hearted dumbos. They know they are hurting Mildred and Edra and relish the very thought of their discomfort. While the town people know this behaviour of the gossips is wrong, they refuse to step up to stop it. They don't want to become the object of that kind of attention.

This is just one of the elements that makes this novel very relevant today. There are still gossips running rampant, not caring who they hurt and very few people will stand up to them. This is very sad that innocent people continue to be put down and have their lives ruined just because someone else needs a boost to their own self-esteem and they are too dang lazy to create their own life. These gossips are so afraid someone will see all of their own flaws that they run around pointing out the supposed flaws of everyone else.

As I watch the news, sometimes I think there is even more persecution today. If I've learned one thing from my own persecution it's exactly what Mildred and Edra learn in Mahurin's excellent novel. While it's great to make new friends, ultimately, you are your own hero. You are your own knight and have to find your own white horse to ride upon.

Excellent novel. Look for an interview with this wonderful author starting tomorrow!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Author Promo!!! Coming Soon!

Starting this weekend I will be promoting a different author each week on this blog as well as on my facebook author page of

I will read the author's book and write a review. Then I will spotlight that author and their work throughout the week with answers to different interview questions I have asked them, promoting links to their pages and works each day.

I know how hard it is to get our work spotlighted and I am proud to help fellow authors in this way. I would also like to extend the offer to other authors. Just shoot me an email at ; or if you are a facebook friend, message me; or you can leave a comment here. I will get back with you as soon as possible!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What gets you excited?

Can you imagine how nice it would be if people got as excited about Jesus as they do about football?

Just think about it for a minute....

There are people who wear their team's jersey every day. They have bumper stickers. They have parties to celebrate wins and losses. They proudly proclaim, "I'm a ____________ fan!!" (You fill in the blank with your favorite team.) They are happy when their team wins, and mope around when their team loses. They pay mega bucks to get the extra sports channels so they don't miss a game. They will pay massive amounts of money to follow their team to the super bowl if they get the chance. They will take a chance on even getting a ticket into the game. They will sleep on the sidewalk just for a chance to see their team from a vantage point that makes all players look like ants win a game.

What if all that time and money were spent in discipleship for God? What if the nation decided it's ridiculous to pay these athletes millions of dollars to play a game they would probably play anyway?

(AND on a side note, how many of these very well paid professional athletes play that sport with their own children when they get home? Or coach the local team of kids in that sport? Just some thoughts.)

I'm not antisport, either. As a matter of fact I just signed my youngest up to play soccer and we've been practicing each day. I think it's a good thing physically and mentally. It's something we get excited about in our house now; however, we get more excited about our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us! Jesus died for us so that we could live! Can we say that about any one of those people we all gather around 'the box' to watch and cheer on each week?

What about taking a side for a fictional character? Are you team Edward or team Jacob? I haven't seen that kind of proclamation about our Lord. Team Jesus or Team Satan? Everyone just assumes His light will shine through. His light will shine through; but, we have to open the shades. We have to declare, "Team Jesus!" and choose to follow His team. There's no better team. It won't be easy to follow Him all the time. There will be many obstacles in the way trying to make you change your team colors, trying to make you think God's simplicity isn't real. It is real. His love for us is real and He will guide us to a touchdown every time if we let Him. He loves us so much he sent his very own son to die for us. How much more committed could the Lord be to us, His children?

Food for thought this morning as I drink my coffee.

Have a blessed day. Oh, and one more thing: Jesus loves you, yes you.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

He's Coming

He's Coming.

I woke up one night saying those words. He's coming. My husband said, "Who's coming?"
I answered, "God." I breathed deeply. "And He's not happy."
Steve said, "Uh oh."
I said, "He's not mad. He's sad."
I had a dream that I was at some kind of convention, without my family, and we were packing up to go home. I was looking forward to seeing my family. Then I learned that someone needed help finding their husband. A storm was coming. I went out onto this dock and could see the ocean just churning. There were news crews on the scene everywhere down on the beach. I stepped to the end of the pier where the woman wondered where her husband was. A man was there, too, whom I had went to school with. We all 3 took hands and could feel the winds whipping around us. I could feel the debris from the destruction on my skin, but it didn't hurt me. All the muddy mess was on me, but it didn't even harm me. Then I felt HIM. God was coming. The non-believers were being swept away. I could have looked to my right and seen it all, but I dared not look. I was watching what was in the water. Jesus' face was in the water. I asked the man to my left, "Do you see Him?"
He nodded and said, "I see Jesus."
I was filled with peace knowing my family was safe. I knew that even though God was wiping out the non-believers I didn't have to worry about my family. We were safe in the arms of Jesus. I had to keep my eye on Jesus and there He was, right there in the water helping me with keeping my focus.
I woke up mumbling, "He's coming. He's coming. He's coming."
We have to reach out to everyone and tell them Jesus loves them! We have to somehow help plant the seeds so God can gather in His children who may be lost. He's coming and we have to save as many people as possible.

My boys got baptized today. They both have taken the Lord as their guide and savior. Watching them today brought tears of joy to my eyes. It's good to have God to believe in. Without Him we might as well be on a sea in a boat without a rudder and not even the sun or moon to guide us. I'm glad they know they need Him as their guide.

I'm glad I know God is my Savior. I always believed in God, but now I truly believe. I want to know more. I want to live for Him and help do His work. I was asked to commit my life to God and at that moment, I knew. I am God's child. He will get me through anything.

What do you believe in?


Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Memories of Common Sense

What has happened to common sense? Has it flown the coop? Have we educated it out of our systems? Have we decided that the powers that be know better than we know ourselves how to act? Are we so lazy we would rather someone else decide what's best for us?

My family and I were discussing school rules from my time and from now. When I was in school I can remember being given a turkey name tag and told to search out the bus with the turkey on the front of it. That was the bus that would take me home. Well, that's simple matching skills that anyone can do! Look at the turkey on my shirt and look for the turkey in the window. There's a turtle- nope, not a match. There's a rabbit- oh I wish I had been given a cute rabbit, but no, not a match. Wait a minute, there's a brown turkey, that's mine! Simple matching skills!

Of course that was the old times when things were different. The bell for the end of the day rang and we kids wanted to go home so we went to our appointed buses. If our parents came to pick us up, there were no car lines. Our parents parked and we students went to the car and left! Isn't that a novel idea?

Now we have car lines that people line up for at the beginning of the day. They just drop off the kid in the appointed line and swing around to the end to wait until the end of the day when they pick them back up. Seriously, there are people who start lining up almost 2 hours before school lets out to pick up their kid from school. I'm sorry, this makes no sense. The parents all line up so the kids can all line up and the teachers can all line up to distribute them to the appropriate cars.
Ohhhh, and the bells. Schools now have about 3 different bells to ring at the end of the day. I was subbing a couple of years ago. The bell rang at the end of the day and I thought, "Awwww, I can go home!!" Nope, there were still kids sitting there. I told them the bell rang and they said it wasn't their bell. Come to find out there was a bell that rang for bus riders, a bell for car riders, and a bell for walkers and others. Good grief! That's scheduled to death I believe.

Used to one bell would ring for the end of the day and somehow we all made it to our appropriate destinations without too much difficulty or I wouldn't be sitting here typing this now.

Seems sad to me that common sense is going by the wayside in accomplishing things. I believe common courtesy also plays a role here. How often do you see anyone let someone else cut into traffic when there's a long line? How often do people stop to let someone cross the road? How can we be so callus?

Watched the movie Walle with my Gabe last night and if you watch it you can see where common sense went out the window and was replaced with the higher ups telling the common person everything they needed to do from what kind of food to eat to how to dress. These people were told everything to do all in the name of keeping them safe and sound. How much of this is really happening now with our government and our society? How much are we allowing to happen without seeing the consequences of it in the future. Why do we need tags on hair dryers that say for us not to use it in the bathtub? Because our common sense is going down the drain.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love + Respect = Peace

Websters dictionary defines love as "to feel a passion, devotion, or tenderness for; to take pleasure in; a beloved person."

Websters dictionary defines respect as "to consider deserving of high regard."

We cannot have peace until we have mutual love and respect for each other. We have to accept that people are not carbon copies of each other; and, really who would want that? We would lead really boring lives if we were all exactly alike. Where's the fun in a life where everyone and everything is exactly alike? People are different! That doesn't make one bad and another good. It makes us human. Why should we get in a fight about differences? Celebrate them!

We have to learn to communicate with each other before we get into a fight. Don't be so quick to scream at the other person. When you scream, thinking you are making someone hear you better, you are only pushing that person further away from you. You are pushing them further away from the possibility of a peaceful solution.

What I really want to say is this: God loves you. If you really want to know what true peace is, allow God to love you. I didn't know I was worthy of His love. I have never known such peace as when I said yes to my commitment to the Lord. All those things that seem to be impossible to me seem attainable. I talk about more good things than bad. I have a different approach of handling the bad things that happen to me. I really do find myself thinking about how Jesus would handle things. He fills me with such peace.

Here is my plan. Maybe instead of getting mad at people we should show them a touch of kindness. How good it feels to do something nice for someone. Personally, I love to cook. There is something very satisfying about fixing something nice to eat and sharing it with someone. The look that crosses someone's face over a nice home cooked meal is priceless. I think the next time I see that someone is mad at me, I'll try baking them a loaf of bread and some homemade salsa. That's something that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Then maybe we can have a nice chat instead of an argument.

Love + Respect = Peace  Let's all try it.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Was Abused and I'm Speaking Out!

My ex-husband and the biological father of my children abused me and my children. He promised to love me, swore to protect me, and pledged to love our children. He broke all those promises. He said he wanted children, but he only wanted more people to control. He wanted someone to dominate.

While I was pregnant with Gabriel, he broke into the house, stalked me, and abused Will to the point that my stress level caused Gabriel to have a stroke before he was even born. He has put me and my family through hell all for his own selfish reasons.

All of his abuse has created the broken me that I am. I am having to learn how to accept love without worrying about how it will hurt later. I am having to learn how to move forward with that coward still stalking me and watching from the shadows. I am having to learn that our government will put a person in jail for feeding an alligator, but will not put a raping, abusing, pedophile behind bars.

It's very disturbing to me that a person can travel 2 states to sit and watch us at a flea market every Sunday we choose to go. There is something wrong with a system that knows a person is an abuser and unsafe to others, but they won't be able to prosecute him. It's wrong when a report was made many years ago and a system decided since the perpetrator lived 2 states away we were not in any "imminent danger."

This kind of thinking does little for a psyche that is trying to understand how someone who swore before God that he would love and cherish me and our kids could hurt us so badly. How? Why? I know all those answers, but it is still illogical because I can never think that way. I don't think about trying to rule someone and control someone. I don't think about how I can make others uncomfortable by spending hours of my life watching them. It just isn't nice.

It's been over 6 years since this person has seen either of my children in a healthy fashion. Now, he's decided he has rights to see them. I'm sorry. No. You chose to hurt us. You chose to walk out. You chose to kill us slowly by all of your abuse. You have hurt us enough. Go find a hobby that doesn't hurt anyone. You are wrong and while you should be locked up and done to you what you did to us, you are free. You don't even have to look over your shoulder for us. We don't want to follow you. We have a life we are trying to live. Leave us alone! Go back to your hole in the wall and stay there. You are one of many abusers who will never be prosecuted until you face your maker. When you face Him, He will be the one you answer to for all the abuse. He will look at you and play a slide show for you of all the hurt you've caused to pass across your own blood's face. He will not be fooled by your word games and golden military career. He will see you for the abuser you are and show you how even though it's been years, you still mess with all of our minds. Our children will always suffer the effects of the hurt you caused; one from the direct abuse and years of mental anguish; the other one from seizures and scar tissues that have given him a severe learning disability and no telling what else that only time will tell.

You are no man. You are a monster. You should be ashamed of yourself for hurting us in so many ways that our very bones feel the injury. You should hang your head in shame for continuing to hurt us. I know you have hurt people before. I wish they would find the courage to step up and tell their story about you. I bet you've hurt some of the very people I've met who looked me in the eye and said you could do no wrong. You are a liar. You are an abuser. You are a rapist. You are a pedophile. You are one sick monster who feeds off the harm you inflict on others; and, you are wrong.

I am a survivor. MY children are survivors. We don't need you, nor do we want you. You think you can threaten us with all kinds of things now, but it still doesn't change what you are. It only proves my point time and time again that you are an awful person who should not even get that privilege of being called a human being.

I will help others like me because there are so many of us out there. For years I have not spoken of this because of fear of what he might do to me and my family. For years he has controlled us in this manner. The courts have allowed it. It's wrong. These men who do this are cowards. They are afraid of losing control. I am taking my control back. I will not let my children go hang out with a known child molester like you. Just because you share a bit of blood doesn't make it any different. You are dangerous to our health in more ways than one. You are an abomination. Go away!

I've had all of this so built up. I have been going through all of the court issues this monster is bringing up and I finally broke down last week in church and told everyone. I realize now that there is so much love out here for me and my family. I never knew. He didn't want me to know. He wanted me to think I was stupid, useless, and deserved to die, as he threatened on numerous occasions. That's not true. I am an educated woman and I intend to help other women understand that they deserve a love that is true and good. I will help other women to see that they can be happy; that they deserve to be happy. I will help other children who have been abused to understand that not all men are monsters. I will help them to understand that there should never be an ulterior motive behind someone's love other than wanting to see their smiling face.

I am a writer. It's what I do. I'm choosing to write a happy ending in my story. I hope to help others to write that happy ending, too. Together, we will heal each other so just maybe we aren't quite as broken as we were.

 I'm here to listen and help us through, one word at a time.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Good news should outweigh the bad

I woke up with Anne Murry's A Little Good News on my mind and I pulled it up to listen to it. I have always loved that song. It talks about how there is always bad news flooding the media. It's true. I have a theory I want to share on how maybe, just maybe, we can turn around the bad in our world to be good.

Someone who does something bad, like shoot innocent people watching a movie, gets their picture plastered across all forms of media. There's not a place that terrorist can look without seeing his face. He must be very proud and feel as though he is a hero in a sick and twisted world he's created. Someone rapes someone, murders someone, holds someone hostage and the news is all over it! Those bad guys get front page attention, book contracts, and more publicity than even the Queen!

What if the media stopped showing these bad guy faces on the news? What if instead of focusing on all the bad in the world we had news stories about a teenager trying to promote more attendance of youth in his church? What about reporting on news of a shelter that's fed 200 people a day for 15 years? What about reporting on a person who for the first time in their family's history has had someone graduate from college?

In watching the Olympics gymnastics last night one US girl did not make the All Around Round in gymnastics; however, 2 of her teammates did make the All Around. Instead of focusing on the celebration of the 2 girls who did make it the media zoomed in tight on the other girl's sadness and tears. Please, stop doing things like this! We have to try and focus our minds on the good around us instead of all the bad.

I know, first hand how bad news impacts our lives. I was abused by my ex husband, and for years, years, I have allowed all those feelings to rule my life. He hurt my self-esteem to the point that I felt I wasn't even worthy of love, not even God's love. I have only recently learned that I am worthy of love. I am worthy of good things happening to me. More people need to know how much God loves them, how much their fellow man loves them. The crazies really do not outnumber the sane in this country, but you can't tell that by our news. All of us good people have to put on our armour and battle these demons! We have to decide we are tired of being bombarded with craziness and turn it around!

We have to put out good stuff to receive good in return. We have to stop saturating the earth with bad and start putting in some new. You wouldn't plant a tree in the summer and not water it would you? No. You know to water that good tree. So, water all the things that are good and those good things will grow! All of us have to do our part and give more good to this world.

I don't care what religion you are, most faiths of any kind still want peace and understanding in this world. That comes from simply following the rule of treating people as we want to be treated. Be good to each other, care about each other, show some compassion, then report on that good stuff! Saturate your local news with good human interest stories. Eventually, they will listen. Eventually the bad guys will be placed at the back of the attention they so eagerly crave and maybe they won't do bad in order to get their moment of fame. Eventually, maybe we'll see a smiling face on the front of a paper some time other than once or twice a year.

Good news should really outweigh the bad news all the time.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On my facebook page of I have the Weekend Posts every weekend where I welcome authors to post links to their books, blogs, reviews, trailers... anything to do with their books for the whole weekend. Then I share their posts so everyone can see it.
I started this because I was trying to post to another page one day and I couldn't remember the rules that particular page requested an author to follow. I finally decided I bet there were more than just myself who couldn't remember all the rules for every page without first rereading them. I thought it would be refreshing to be able to just post my book to a wall and not worry about how I worded it or if I included stars or anything else.
So, that is how my Weekend Post was born. I have no rules. Just post your links however you like Friday through Sunday and I'll share it with everyone. I accept any genre from children's to erotica, whatever you write! Post it and I'll share it.
I enjoy doing this every weekend. I've met some of the most wonderful people!! I hope I am helping my fellow authors in more ways than one. Stop by anytime!!

Happy Posting!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramblings and Wanderings about Friends

I think I will just ramble and wander around some topics today. Y'all just hang on.

I visited with a dear friend of mine from school today and it was as if no time has passed between us. I wonder how many people just naturally move forward in that manner as though time stood still. To say I've missed this friend is true. I have. I always got along much better with the people in the classes above my own; and, when this class graduated I felt alone. My very bestest friends had already graduated and moved on to college. Thank you, my friend, for a wonderful visit. I look forward to more family get togethers in the future. You are part of my family and I look forward to it.

As I was talking to this person they shared some important insights into myself that I haven't thought of before. Ironically, I had told my own son this very trait, but had never thought about it for myself. Their kid and mine were all too happy to play together and it goes to show that when kids are raised right they are happy to play with anyone. All 3 of the boys were different ages, but they all got along perfectly, pulling out video games, checkers, and chess as well as enjoying some sparing in the martial arts they each know. I enjoyed looking at pictures of their family and catching up as well as recollecting old times.

People need each other. We need to reach out to others more than even most of us do. We need to be willing to ask for help sometimes when we are overwhelmed by life; and, realize this is not an admission of weakness. It doesn't take money either to reach out to people. I know lots of people who are perfectly happy just to receive a moment of my time to listen to them. Think about your own children. They never smile more than when you are playing with them. In talking to my friend's son today he was all too proud to tell me about playing board games with his parents and spending time doing things with them. He was proud of that closeness. Most people are happy with time much more than material things. That's what is remembered about us, the time we give to people.

Now, go find you a good book and curl up to it and read it aloud to someone in your house. I'm sure they will love it!

Have a great night.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

50 Shades of Grey Review

I have finished reading the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and here's my take on it.
When I first started reading it, all I could think of was how I was reading Twilight. There are tons of similarities between the two books, which I know has been pointed out by other reviewers; but, just let me mention a few similarities. First of all Anastasia is a clutz. She literally trips into Christian's office and he has to be the hero in helping her up to her feet. She has a ditzy mom who is unable to take care of herself. The man Ana calls dad fishes and is a man of few words. Christian just needs a set of fangs with which to tell Ana how bad he is for her. Instead he welds a twitchy palm that wants to spank the dear Ana for not following his extensive list of rules. There is also another beau who would love to be more to Ana than just her friend. Ana of course says no to Jose telling him the age old line of how they are like brother and sister but nothing more. Poor boy!
It's quite hilarious because with all the lip biting Ana does it makes the reader almost bite her own knowing that it will get her a gift (an expensive gift) from the rich and powerful Christian.
The book continues along with a lot of repetitiveness that either makes the reader say, "How cute!" or "Yuck!"
There have been so many people who have focused on how UNChristian this book is and I believe it a bit ironic that the main character's name is Christian. Let me pause for a minute in laughter. I can't help myself! LOL!! This book is not near as kinky as lots of people want us to think it is. As Christian points out to Ana their sex life is pretty darn vanilla with just a sprinkling of spankings, hair pullings, being tied up a bit, and only one other set of balls. Hehe!! There's a small fraction of time spent on describing some of the more flavorful bits and pieces within the Red Room of Pain, but very little of it is actually used in the novel.  I'm sure there were many of us who were deeply disappointed with this. We had wanted to read some naughtiness, but of course there's not a whole lot of it here.  This novel is more like a Twilight with a little sex thrown into the mix.
I was discussing this book with a group of ladies at the book store and we all said that no man in the world could be as good as Christian at giving gifts and taking care of his woman in the way that he did. We all agreed that we could definitely put up with a few spankings for the power and riches Christian bestowed on his woman. It's a fair book, good for a frivilous first read; but, I don't think we will be rereading it anytime soon.
Happy Reading!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romance Writer

This week there was a post about the Fifty Shades. Someone was saying it was a sin to read books like that with sex through them that made the reader feel lust. They were especially concerned about a Christian person reading the likes of that type of literature that would make one feel such base emotions.
As a writer of romance books I had to make a comment; and, after thinking about it a little more, I decided to do a whole blog post about it.
When I write my romance books I want people to feel passion as they read it. I want them to look to their partner after they've read it and say, "you know, you're looking good!" What's wrong with that? Nothing. Further more, what's wrong with feeling a little lust? A healthy dose of lust can go a long way for a relationship! It can put a spark back into the deal that was missing or lacking. What's the point in reading a romance novel if there's no spark? I'm not saying there has to be sex in every romance novel; however, there's nothing wrong with it being there either.
Now, I have never been told I can't read something. I think if I had been told that, it would have worked in the opposite way and I would have read whatever the forbidden material was as soon as I could! I don't think we are what we read. We have a choice how we feel and act about what we read. Reading fiction is a form of escapism. We want to get away from our normal every day life in order to experience the extraordinary. That doesn't mean that if I read a book about superman that I think I can fly. I don't. I have a brain. It has not turned to the mush I sometimes write and read. I make the choice as to what I do each day regardless of what I read. I can't even say that I've read something of sexual prowess that made me go jump anyone the minute I saw them. Hmmm.
I say let people read what they want to. I'm sure that no matter what you read, there are worse books out there as well as better. Sometimes bad is better, sometimes not. Either way, it's your choice what you read and how you respond to it. Personally, I hope when one reads my romance books they can't wait to tackle their partner and make mad passionate love to them.
Happy Reading!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be Happy with Yourself!

It has come to my attention of late that so many people are not happy unless they have a significant other on their listing for facebook. Now really, how important is this?
Seriously, so many people both young and old seem to think they have to have a boy/girlfriend. Why? They go along posting about how unhappy they are; how they need a date; how they wish someone would love them.
Here's a thought: Why not try loving yourself? It truly is an awesome feeling to look in the mirror and be happy with who you see looking back at you. To be happy knowing someone else is not sitting there waiting to make you happy. I'm sorry but the only person in the world who can truly give you happiness is you, and you alone. Someone else can add to your happiness, but they don't actually make you happy. Happiness comes from within yourself. It comes from knowing you have done what you wanted, needed, and was lead to do by someone higher than yourself. Happiness doesn't come from jewelry, gifts, or the number of people who pat you on the back. I have found the things that I've truly felt joy over, no one would have known if I didn't tell them.
Happiness can be seen when it's real. When someone is happy with themselves they actually glow. They radiate this joyful feeling that makes others want to be around them. They smile more, and more people smile at them. It's a miracle worker to be happy! When you're happy, the world looks brighter. When you're happy, even ordinary chores don't seem so bad. They seem like the things you do so you can keep doing the things that make you happy.
I say all this because of the vast number of teenage girls in particular that I have noticed of late who are desperate to find a boyfriend. The funny thing is that 2 minutes after posting a relationship update they often post they have a headache. Well, no wonder! That's what happens when you try to force a smile on your face about a relationship that should have never been to start with.
Be happy with you before asking someone to make you happy. That's an order only you can fill.

Friday, March 23, 2012


How many of us would like to be romanced with rose petals thrown from the castle's roof as we ride side saddle into our new kingdom? While watching First Knight all I could think about was how expensive that would be. Then when I read about people's men throwing down flower petals for them on Valentine's all I could think was, "Who's going to clean that up?"
I know, I know, it was supposed to make me say, "Ah, how sweet!" Somehow that is just not how my mind works. Go figure! I love romance. I love writing romance and have been accused of loving my fictional characters more than real men. (Maybe...) I believe my take on this is that those rose petals are really not that romantic because anyone can tear up some flowers, ask my dogs and the neighbor's cat.
Not everyone can truly know their loved one and give them something they would cherish. Well, they could know them in that way, but then what will your friends say when they ask you what your man got for you? He made me a fresh fried egg sandwich on homemade rye with a strong cup of hazelnut coffee on the side and a dessert of one dark chocolate candy with some strawberries. AND he cleaned up after himself. hehehe Now THAT is romantic in my book! Literally!!
Seriously, there are so many people who spend megabucks they don't have on jewelry they don't need just to impress someone. If you have the money, then by all means diamonds are wonderful!! Of course if you really want to impress your woman you'll find out what her favorite gem is and get her something with that gem in it. That would make it special!
Also, romance doesn't have to be anything big. How nice would it be to complete a task so everyone can sit down early to watch some tv or play a game? For example: clothes need washing, dishes need doing, kids need washing.... etc. While she is washing the kids and the clothes he could do the dishes. What a pleasant surprise that would be to find the dish fairy had completed the task! Bet that man would get a big kiss for his efforts. Do that more often and you might get something else as well (wink wink!!)
Anyway, I just thought I would ramble for a minute on romance. Now, I'm going to go cozy up to my guy in my next romantic novel.
Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

Doomsday Preppers is now a show on the National Geographic Channel. My household likes to watch it. Sometimes we just laugh. Other times, we cock our heads and say, "that's a pretty good idea." These people are scared that somehow the world as we know it is going to end and they are spending absurd amounts of money to "prepare" for this day.
These people have entire rooms dedicated to hoarding their foods and water for the time when there is an economic collapse, polar shift, radiation fallout... the list goes on and on as to what these people think might happen. They have people who are teaching their kids how to go jump into a spider hole and wait it out for weeks on end.
This one man was trying to teach his boys how to shoot a gun and he shot a finger off! I've taught my boys to shoot, too, but I have to admit, I've never shot a finger off, thank goodness!
Some of these people spend 6 to 8 hours a day preparing for the end of life as we know it. What about the life they have now? It doesn't seem like they are living in it very much. Yes, things are bad. And yes, we could all do a better job at helping the earth, and fellow man, but I don't believe you will find me on the isles at the grocery stocking up on cans of soup any time soon.
I also have my own observation to make. For all the supplies these people are hoarding, I've yet to see them harvesting any toilet paper. I'm sorry, when I go camping, I always take a roll of tp with me.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paint World Generations Motivation

Motivation can be like a fire, igniting your passion to keep striving for success in your endeavors. That's how I feel about my writing now. I am super excited to be working on my 4th book in the Paint World series. It is so much fun to write. I just love it! I happily read it to my sons last night; and, they have requested more of it for tonight. That's a pretty good motivator to keep on writing in this series. I love hearing them laugh where I meant for laughs and gasp where I needed gasp. Admittedly it is even good to get no reaction in place that needs some work to get a reaction.
As I continue in my writing career I am becoming a better writer. I'm figuring out exactly what it is I LIKE to write and accepting that for myself. While I am capable of writing anything, that doesn't mean my heart and soul come out in it. That's what I want my readers to see... a book with a heart beat. A book that has characters that truly pop out of the pages, whether tree book or ebook. I want to write in a way that it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next in those characters' lives.
Now, both of my sons are writing. Will sits down at the computer and writes out his own and is soon to have his first novel published as an ebook. We are overjoyed! My youngest son enjoys making up stories and sits down with me sitting at the computer to write out whatever he is imagining at the moment. It's really cool!
I find my boys' writing gives me even more motivation to write and write well. I know they are watching me to see how to do. I will provide a good example and guide them through this crazy novel writing world! Some things we'll just have to learn as we go, and that's just fine by me! We'll just motivate each other into successful writing careers!

Happy Day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I love writing. It is just me. It makes me happy. It expresses me in almost the same way as music does. I love them both. I can't imagine my life without either of them. I have a son who is severly dyslexic and I have tried to reach back to remember when I couldn't read in order to help him in that way. I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I couldn't read. From the time I can remember I was reading everywhere I went. I always had a book with me. On the 30 minute bus trip every morning I read in my book. On the way home on the bus, I read again. I sat with a friend of mine who was a bit older and enjoyed reading like me. We would smile at each other, inquire about the new book and quietly stuff our noses in our books. It was bliss!

Now my oldest son is writing and I have to admit, that makes me happier than my own words in print. It's just awesome that he wants to follow along and has learned the joy of writing. My youngest has the most vivid imagination and loves to tell me his own story while I write it down. I am struck silent sometimes at both of my boys' actions. I stand in complete awe. Then my mouth curves up at one corner and I know that somewhere, somehow, I must be doing something right.

Have a great day! Hugs and good thoughts to all of you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Alice Forgot Review

What Alice Forgot
By Liane Moriarty
Published by:Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam
Age Recommended: Teen and up
Reviewed by: Tela Wallen
5 Ravens

This is a brilliant novel that makes the reader think about how they are in comparison to how they were 10 years ago reflecting on the good and bad choices and how we could all be a little nicer generally. Moriarty keeps the book flowing well among the journal entries and life of Alice. It portrays the way family and friendships impact our lives and how we need both to achieve balance. In the end it is almost as if Moriarty was thinking of letting the novel end in one direction, but changed her mind in the epilogue to end it in the other direction. Glad she did! It's a really good read and I was sad for it to end. 5 Ravens!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teddy Bear Town Ebook Bundle

Teddy Bear Town Ebook Bundle
By Stacy Juba
Published by Amazon Kindle
Ages of 4-10 would enjoy this
Reviewed by Tela Wallen
5 Ravens

Teddy Bear Town is a delightful children's bundle that children of age 4 - 10 would enjoy. There is a good use of vocabulary, even teaching some new words to youngsters. It shows teddy bears learning things, taking responsibility, as well as just having fun. There are questions at the end of The Flag Keeper that helps parents and/or teachers to fully discuss the lessons taught in the book

Read more:

Review of Low Country Ghost Stories of Alice Flagg by Lynn Michelsohn
Low Country Ghost Stories of Alice Flagg, Confederate Blockade Runners, and Haunted Beads
By Lynn Michelsohn
Published with Amazon Kindle
Any Age Group could read this
Reviewed by Tela Wallen
5 Ravens
This is an excellent ghost stories collection that reminded me of books like The 13 Ghost of Alabama that I read as a kid in school. Great background into each story and good details to allow each reader to see it in their own mind's eye. Wonderful read to anyone who likes historical ghosts stories.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shadowlander by Theresa Meyers Review

5 Ravens
Theresa Meyers knows how to keep you riveted to a book. She gives good descriptions of the characters and their surroundings so you can see just enough of it in your mind's eye while leaving enough to the imagination to make you love it. The reader can feel how torturous Cate's life is to know about the Fae but have no real interaction with that world. It's like having a cake you can't eat. Finally she decides enough is enough when her friend, Maya, is abducted. Cate must find out why, where, and how she can return her friend to the upland. In revealing herself to Rook, she never knew she would be exposing her heart to him. She finds out more than she bargained for in their race to save her friend. I look forward to reading another novel by this author.
I would recommend this novel for teens and older.
Tela Wallen

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review of The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness

The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness
By Craig Stone
Published by Amazon Kindle Ebooks
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed by: Tela Wallen
Raven Rating: 3
I was very interested in reading this book but was thrown into some of the longest, in-depth descriptions that I have ever read. I like good descriptions, but the description of Little Bighead was almost rude. I continued reading and was thrown into a couple of stories that seemed entirely irrelevant at the time, but the author managed to tie together in the end. Stone is a good storyteller, just be ready to stay for awhile.

Paint World Discoveries Release

My 3rd novel in the Paint World Series is now available for purchase from Amazon at the link above. It continues the story of the first two with the Paws Brothers adding some new and most interesting characters. At first I thought I would end the series with the three novels, making it a trilogy, but I can't do it. There are more Paws stories within my heart that want to be written down on page. The fourth is already well solidified in my mind and taking shape in my laptop. The first novel in the series, Paint World the Dragon's Orb, is free for the weekend to celebrate the third one being released.
Happy Reading!


Monday, January 30, 2012

About a week ago me and the boys went driving for a bit in the country and came upon a county landfill. We could see it and smell it and we were all equally disgusted. The sad thing to realize though is that while we were repulsed by the sight, we had contributed to that mess.  One of my favorite birds is the sea gull and they were everywhere, eating our trash. There was runoff from the mounds of trash that animals were drinking from. We wondered about how this would impact future of those animals. The boys joked about 8 point jack rabbits. While it was a joke, it could become a reality for those wildlife. The poor gulls are eating garbage and then feeding their babies on garbage. Roll that around in your head for a minute.

Now, I am not saying we should all turn green and become fanatics;but, I think we can all do a little more to help keep our waste down. It's much easier to grab the ziplocks to put our left overs in, but how much better is it for our earth if we use that tupperware we bought or some mason jars? I am going to try and do better at controlling the amount of waste my family produces. Yes, we still produce more than we should, and probably always will; however, I do aim to do better.

Have a great day!
Tela Wallen

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm a reviewer!!

I'm all excited today. I am starting to review books with the fantastic team of Great Minds Think Aloud. I think it will be awesome to work with the great people from this website. Here is their link

This on the heels of almost completing my 3rd novel in the Paint World Trilogy as well as one other thing which I will post about soon.

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paint World Trilogy

Working on my 3rd book in my Paint World Trilogy. It's almost complete and I can't wait to have it out there for your perusal! It's a good book, even better than the first two with more interesting characters and exciting twists!! I have finished the cover for it already and am anxious for your comments. Hope to launch it soon!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

I would love to win a Kindle Fire. Pretty funny that I sell books on Kindle, but I have yet to get a Kindle for myself. Guess that's because I can read the Kindle books on my laptop without the kindle. I know some people who can read them on their phones.
I have started Master Herbalist school and it would be lovely to have the Kindle Fire from which to read my classes. I hope I win!!

I must go make more soap!