Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paint World Generations Motivation

Motivation can be like a fire, igniting your passion to keep striving for success in your endeavors. That's how I feel about my writing now. I am super excited to be working on my 4th book in the Paint World series. It is so much fun to write. I just love it! I happily read it to my sons last night; and, they have requested more of it for tonight. That's a pretty good motivator to keep on writing in this series. I love hearing them laugh where I meant for laughs and gasp where I needed gasp. Admittedly it is even good to get no reaction in place that needs some work to get a reaction.
As I continue in my writing career I am becoming a better writer. I'm figuring out exactly what it is I LIKE to write and accepting that for myself. While I am capable of writing anything, that doesn't mean my heart and soul come out in it. That's what I want my readers to see... a book with a heart beat. A book that has characters that truly pop out of the pages, whether tree book or ebook. I want to write in a way that it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next in those characters' lives.
Now, both of my sons are writing. Will sits down at the computer and writes out his own and is soon to have his first novel published as an ebook. We are overjoyed! My youngest son enjoys making up stories and sits down with me sitting at the computer to write out whatever he is imagining at the moment. It's really cool!
I find my boys' writing gives me even more motivation to write and write well. I know they are watching me to see how to do. I will provide a good example and guide them through this crazy novel writing world! Some things we'll just have to learn as we go, and that's just fine by me! We'll just motivate each other into successful writing careers!

Happy Day!

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