Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paulette Mahurin Interview Continued

Today I'm continuing to check in with Paulette Mahurin. This is a picture of Paulette with her good friend, Charlotte. Paulette is the author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, a book that opens the eyes of readers to the harsh reality of being bullied.

** What character can you most relate to from your novel and why?

Charley, because he had his life ripped away by the death of his wife, and when he wanted to die, hit rock bottom, he was open to change. A few years back, while working in the ER, I got a tick bite. Six months later, I became seriously ill and it was the Orthopedic Surgeon who ran some blood work and diagnosed Lyme Disease. I fell of the face of the proverbial earth and was home bound, unable to do much of anything but write. The story that came out of me and facing myself with this illness
changed me in the most amazing way, I became grateful. The littlest things started to matter, that I still had my vision (that's not such a little thing but I had taken it for granted before), that I could hear, that I had a roof over my head, food on the table, and so I was ill so what. I could still make my attitude what I wanted. Charley was like that. He had a major life metamorphosis and took the hand that was dealt to him and decided to come back to live. He's a decent man, a good friend, loyal, and I like to think I possess some of those qualities. I love him because he's so real, so authentic, what you see is what you get.
** In my own life I’ve had churches persecute me for being a single parent and most recently for participating. What role do you think the church plays in present day to validating the persecution of certain people?

The problem is not with The Church but with the group think, the you have to go along or you won't belong mentality, or worse, you're bad and should be punished because you don't agree with us. Human beings have fundamental needs to belong, to be accepted, to be loved, to have friends, be supported, I don't know anyone who doesn't unless that person is insane, in a catatonic state. When the group robs us of our individuality and doesn't accept that because of their collective think, in my book that's a shade of cult gray.

Thank you, Paulette, for joining me again today! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow as well!

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, and helping to bring attention to the book, and tolerance. Very grateful for all you've done to support this.