Thursday, November 29, 2012


Two days ago I got the best news I could possibly get. My abusive ex has decided to relinquish his parental rights and not do battle in court over his rights to see my boys.

I was beyond thankful when I received the phone call from my attorney informing me of the news. I even asked him if he was kidding. He chuckled. I've never heard him chuckle. He knew he was giving me one of the best presents ever!

All of us cried with joy. This man has done horrible things and it was mind numbing that he could even be allowed to go to court to fight for 'his right' to see them. We are beyond relieved.

Now, we can move on with life. I hope that he chooses to move on now as well and after all these years, will finally leave us alone. No stalking, no harassing, no demands.

What more can I say other than I am very thankful. Thank you to all who have thought of us during this trying time. It's been greatly appreciated.

Happy Reading!