Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excerpt on Love

"I was just thinking how we have to not react to her.  I have to still be her daughter but not let her rule my every thought and action.  I can't change her; I have to be the one to change.  I have to know what I want (which is all of us together) and keep working towards that goal.  I have to walk the Grandmothers Way of quiet fortitude.  I have to trust in God and all of nature to make us as the willow on the banks, strong and bendable so I won't break.  I have to believe, have faith, and proudly claim my place beside you as your one true mate.  Through my quiet fortitude I will make amends to you and my boys and anyone else I have hurt in my reactions to a woman I should not alway listen to.  Only I can change.  I am changing.  I feel it.  I will love you until I draw my last breath.  I will make you proud one day.  I choose not to hurt you any more despite what I have been taught.  I will be more and work harder than I ever have.  This is my promise, my vow to you."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Young Witch

My new novel, The Young Witch is continuing to move forward.  I am really enjoying writing this one.  Here's this girl who's lost everything, but yet she moves forward to conquer worlds unknown with the strengths she didn't even realize she had.  Is it ok to find inspiration in one's own writing?  I hope so, because it does provide me inspiration to go on even when others tell me what a loser I am.  Makes me understand how some people are threatened by the unconditional lifestyles of others.  How sometimes, the smallest thing can really upset others; however, their dislike for something usually comes from their own insecurities.  What they see someone doing maybe slaps them in the face about what they would like to be doing.  I realize I'm rambling here, but I'm also making a point.  There are way too many people in the world pointing a finger at others to blame when what they really need to do is simply look at their own reflection.  We've all been guilty of this, but we can stop.  We can do better.  We can strive to be a better person ourselves and to heck with what others think about it.  Because, in the end, those people that were looking so hard at us, have already stopped looking long before we've even dried our tears.  So let's buck up like my character Laney and move forward, making the most of whatever life hands us.  I know I'm going to!


Monday, August 8, 2011

I want to sell more!

I have checked my sales and I have sold 6 books so far just this month!  I have 7 followers now on my blog.  Things are looking up! I took some time this morning to center myself and feel so good now!  I wish everyone could feel good.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

If you want a sultry cowboy novelette here it is!


I discovered that I need to flow more like a river.  If I do then the resistance I feel will not be as great as it is with me fighting against the ebb and flow of the waters.  I am strong and together with the river we make very strong companions that are able to move mountains if necessary.  Today, I am becoming the river!  With that said I have to let go and allow my senses to feel mother nature the way I am intended to do.  I feel her speak to me in the sunrise, caress me with her breezes, and wash away my fears with her waters.  I am meant to be at one with the earth just as my sisters before me.  Thank you!  Blessed be your day in whatever you do!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Sneak Peek at The Young Witch

Laney worked into the night and well after midnight collecting her work. The plants in the pots seemed to be fine, but the ones in the ground looked like they had a blight. It broke her heart. She could remember planting them with her mother before she even knew about the magick. “I miss you Momma.” She said as the wind caressed her face. She touched her cheek and could have sworn she felt her mother’s soft touch. “What I wouldn’t give for you to be here to help with this.” 

Then the breeze just left and Laney stood there feeling more empty and alone than she had ever felt. She felt as though her foundation had been knocked out from under her. She tried to breath, but just couldn’t remember how. She just stood there gapping for air, but not realizing that’s what she needed. All she could think about was how alone she was. How she had nobody to turn to, nobody to tell her what she should do, nobody to hash out the pros and cons to her. All she had was herself. “Well,” she wiped away a tear that had made it’s way out to her cheek, “Let’s go pack you guys into the motor home and pack up what we need from the house and get out of here.”

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thinking about economics and that maybe I'll win the lottery.

Sometimes, I think I think too much.  Ha ha!  Of course I guess that's what writers do.  We think so much we have to write it all down.  I ate out this weekend at Cracker Barrel and noticed a few changes in regards to economics.  The waiters (ours was very sweet and easy on the eye) and waitresses no longer naturally bring bread and butter to your table.  They also ask you if you want lemon in your tea rather than just placing it in your tea and letting you pick it out if you like.  All of these things in an effort to save money. 
At Wal-Mart last week I saw rows of rotten strawberries that had just been put out for consumption.  Are we, the consumers so stupid as not to notice the tiny little sweaters growing on the red fruit?  Please, Sam is rolling over in his grave now.  My pineapples have also went up to 3 bucks.  Leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it.
Books have went up too.  For lots of us Indie writers, like myself, we keep our books at reasonable prices that are much cheaper than a paper copy of it would be.  Not so for the authors who have already made it.  The paper copy is 12.99 and so is the ebook copy.  That's ridiculous and that's all I've got to say about that one.
Now all this mess in Washington is hurting all of us.  Why in the world those people can't see how much they have hurt all of us common people I don't know.  They must be like the old horses who used to wear blinders so all they could see was what was right in front of their faces.  Why they gave all that money to the banks I will never know.  As much money as they gave the banks, they could have given each one of us 1 million and had money left.  Guess what I would have done?  I would have paid off my bills and then the bank in turn would have gotten their money.  People would have bought bigger and better things, thereby adding to the economy and helping everyone.  Too late now. 
Guess I'll just hope I have the winning lottery ticket.  Maybe Washington should buy a ticket!  LOL!