Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excerpt on Love

"I was just thinking how we have to not react to her.  I have to still be her daughter but not let her rule my every thought and action.  I can't change her; I have to be the one to change.  I have to know what I want (which is all of us together) and keep working towards that goal.  I have to walk the Grandmothers Way of quiet fortitude.  I have to trust in God and all of nature to make us as the willow on the banks, strong and bendable so I won't break.  I have to believe, have faith, and proudly claim my place beside you as your one true mate.  Through my quiet fortitude I will make amends to you and my boys and anyone else I have hurt in my reactions to a woman I should not alway listen to.  Only I can change.  I am changing.  I feel it.  I will love you until I draw my last breath.  I will make you proud one day.  I choose not to hurt you any more despite what I have been taught.  I will be more and work harder than I ever have.  This is my promise, my vow to you."

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