Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Tela Wallen

We all want to hear good stuff

Don’t want to hear bad.

We sit around waiting for time to heal us.

Time isn’t healing,

It’s not what it does,

It didn’t sign on for that job.

Healing is my business, and yours, and yours.

It’s up to our own pained heart.

I can’t heal you,

And you can’t heal me,

But together we can help each other.

Together we can talk

Together we can share

That we’re not all alone in our feelings.

That maybe one day in this mucked up world

We’ll find a little peace in each other’s arms.

A moment here,

A teardrop there,

If we’re together it won’t matter so much.

The same old hurts will still be ours

The same time keeps the beat,

But since our feet will be moving together

We’ll be dancing

Instead of just marching.

And that will not end in defeat.

Copyright 2013

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