Monday, March 25, 2013

My take on humans and with whom they sleep!

I have noticed an overabundance of people posting their belief as to how to handle gays. It's totally ironic because usually said people don't want to handle them at all!! Yet, they feel it is their God given duty to inform the public in what manner gay people should be handled. Why is this?

ALL people want to be treated as humans. Is that too much to ask? I should be treated as a human regardless of my color, sex, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation! For now, I'll stick with sexual orientation.

I don't think whether someone is gay, straight or bi should ever enter into a person's thought unless you're attracted to each other. If I need a job done, I don't need to know who you sleep with to determine if you'll be good at the job!

Another issue that people are getting upset over is whether or not someone who is gay should be allowed to get married. Why not? How will it possibly hurt someone for 2 people to proclaim their love for each other? Doesn't the world need more love than hate? I saw a comment today about how marriage was created to make babies and that is why gay people should not have the same allowances as heterosexuals. Dang.

I have seen gay couples denied visitation in a hospital because they were not "family." The supposed real family would not allow the partner to visit because they didn't agree with their family member's lifestyle. Well, that is precisely why each of us have our own lives to live. So we don't screw up everyone elses!!

Stop mucking with everyone else's lives! Live YOUR life to the fullest as YOU see fit to do. Don't infringe your beliefs on others. Don't hide behind your god either to do so. I have sat in a church where a preacher said gay people and teen mothers were going to hell. Well, somehow or another I bet that preacher who judges that way will make it there before them! What right does anyone have to hide behind a pulpit to say such things?!

It's comments like I have referred to that hurt people for years. It's comments like those that keep people from loving each other. It's comments like that, that make people, good people, people who would never ever bother you at all, hurt!!

Why are we spreading so much hurt? Spread some peanut butter on a sandwich before you spread hurt. Put that peanut butter in your mouth rather than open it and make a fool of yourself! Seriously, people, think before you hurt someone with all your words. Love people!! Love people!! Maybe if we stop judging people for stupid stuff like who they sleep with the world might find a little good news.

I could say so much more on this subject; but, I think I had better close for now.

Perhaps, everyone could learn a little something from Melvin in the movie As Good As It Gets. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it, highly. It's about an asshole learning how to be human.

Peace and Love to all the humans,


  1. Great article, Tela. You echo my own thoughts and feelings. And, BTW, As Good As It Gets is one of my all time favourite movies :)

    1. Thank you, Amelia! I watched the movie last night with my boys. They loved it!