Monday, March 11, 2013

Sheryl Sandberg and her Feminism

I read in Time today about a woman, Sheryl Sandberg, who wants to bring back feminism. She doesn't like how more women are graduating from college; yet, they don't hold the most high powered jobs. She feels that women spend too much time raising a family and taking care of a household when they should be trying to get the highest ranked job in a company. She feels that women who do want to be homemakers are hurting all women's ability to get CEO positions and the likes. She says she is able to balance out family and work and other women should be able to do so without worrying about it hurting any part of their life. On the other hand, if a woman chooses to take a lesser job within a company in order to plan for a future family, she feels this is very bad for all women. She has even started a group called to encourage women to fight for the highest positions by being more aggressive, like men. She says when women lean into a job more they will find more career success.

I like being a woman. I don't believe I really want to be a man. I don't even want to act like a man, really! I am a bit of a Tom boy in that I am not a big fan of makeup or dressing up or even fancy stuff. I also would very much welcome a husband to go out and support the family while I stayed home and took care of the kids and making the place a home. I also think women, in general, are just as aggressive as any man when it comes to certain things. Have you watched a woman who feels like her child is being messed with? Have you seen those horns come out? I don't think I get much more aggressive than when you mess with one of my babies. I'll eat you alive and use a rib for a toothpick! Don't mess with MY babies!

Do I want to help run Facebook, as Mrs. Sandberg does. No. I don't. I am quite happy writing. I'm a writer and I don't feel that I need to own my own publishing company. I wouldn't get to write much then, would I? Plus, then I wouldn't be at home to take care of my special needs son and my teenager. My role as a mother is the most important job I have. I don't want to give that up just so I can say I run this empire of a company.

Here is another difference between how I feel and Mrs. Sandberg's thinking. I want everyone to be treated equally where they want to be treated. I don't think anyone should be mistreated for their gender, race, or ses. I won't put her down for running a company as well as having a family. It's her choice. It's my choice to be a writer and take care of my family.

We shouldn't hurt each other for our choices. Don't put other women down for the choices they make. We should each try to boost the other's self-esteem instead of pointing out faults based on the wrong set of rules. If I judged her by my rules, it wouldn't be good; but, what's the point in that? We are all made to be unique, meaning we all have to be ourselves. Men, this includes you, too! I don't think anyone should be put in a box of set rules based on gender. I don't believe there should be boxes within the genders either! Try to take each person where they are, accept them, and live your own lives. That's what I'm doing and what I'm teaching my children.

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