Sunday, February 26, 2012


I love writing. It is just me. It makes me happy. It expresses me in almost the same way as music does. I love them both. I can't imagine my life without either of them. I have a son who is severly dyslexic and I have tried to reach back to remember when I couldn't read in order to help him in that way. I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I couldn't read. From the time I can remember I was reading everywhere I went. I always had a book with me. On the 30 minute bus trip every morning I read in my book. On the way home on the bus, I read again. I sat with a friend of mine who was a bit older and enjoyed reading like me. We would smile at each other, inquire about the new book and quietly stuff our noses in our books. It was bliss!

Now my oldest son is writing and I have to admit, that makes me happier than my own words in print. It's just awesome that he wants to follow along and has learned the joy of writing. My youngest has the most vivid imagination and loves to tell me his own story while I write it down. I am struck silent sometimes at both of my boys' actions. I stand in complete awe. Then my mouth curves up at one corner and I know that somewhere, somehow, I must be doing something right.

Have a great day! Hugs and good thoughts to all of you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Alice Forgot Review

What Alice Forgot
By Liane Moriarty
Published by:Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam
Age Recommended: Teen and up
Reviewed by: Tela Wallen
5 Ravens

This is a brilliant novel that makes the reader think about how they are in comparison to how they were 10 years ago reflecting on the good and bad choices and how we could all be a little nicer generally. Moriarty keeps the book flowing well among the journal entries and life of Alice. It portrays the way family and friendships impact our lives and how we need both to achieve balance. In the end it is almost as if Moriarty was thinking of letting the novel end in one direction, but changed her mind in the epilogue to end it in the other direction. Glad she did! It's a really good read and I was sad for it to end. 5 Ravens!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teddy Bear Town Ebook Bundle

Teddy Bear Town Ebook Bundle
By Stacy Juba
Published by Amazon Kindle
Ages of 4-10 would enjoy this
Reviewed by Tela Wallen
5 Ravens

Teddy Bear Town is a delightful children's bundle that children of age 4 - 10 would enjoy. There is a good use of vocabulary, even teaching some new words to youngsters. It shows teddy bears learning things, taking responsibility, as well as just having fun. There are questions at the end of The Flag Keeper that helps parents and/or teachers to fully discuss the lessons taught in the book

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Review of Low Country Ghost Stories of Alice Flagg by Lynn Michelsohn
Low Country Ghost Stories of Alice Flagg, Confederate Blockade Runners, and Haunted Beads
By Lynn Michelsohn
Published with Amazon Kindle
Any Age Group could read this
Reviewed by Tela Wallen
5 Ravens
This is an excellent ghost stories collection that reminded me of books like The 13 Ghost of Alabama that I read as a kid in school. Great background into each story and good details to allow each reader to see it in their own mind's eye. Wonderful read to anyone who likes historical ghosts stories.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shadowlander by Theresa Meyers Review

5 Ravens
Theresa Meyers knows how to keep you riveted to a book. She gives good descriptions of the characters and their surroundings so you can see just enough of it in your mind's eye while leaving enough to the imagination to make you love it. The reader can feel how torturous Cate's life is to know about the Fae but have no real interaction with that world. It's like having a cake you can't eat. Finally she decides enough is enough when her friend, Maya, is abducted. Cate must find out why, where, and how she can return her friend to the upland. In revealing herself to Rook, she never knew she would be exposing her heart to him. She finds out more than she bargained for in their race to save her friend. I look forward to reading another novel by this author.
I would recommend this novel for teens and older.
Tela Wallen

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review of The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness

The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness
By Craig Stone
Published by Amazon Kindle Ebooks
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed by: Tela Wallen
Raven Rating: 3
I was very interested in reading this book but was thrown into some of the longest, in-depth descriptions that I have ever read. I like good descriptions, but the description of Little Bighead was almost rude. I continued reading and was thrown into a couple of stories that seemed entirely irrelevant at the time, but the author managed to tie together in the end. Stone is a good storyteller, just be ready to stay for awhile.

Paint World Discoveries Release

My 3rd novel in the Paint World Series is now available for purchase from Amazon at the link above. It continues the story of the first two with the Paws Brothers adding some new and most interesting characters. At first I thought I would end the series with the three novels, making it a trilogy, but I can't do it. There are more Paws stories within my heart that want to be written down on page. The fourth is already well solidified in my mind and taking shape in my laptop. The first novel in the series, Paint World the Dragon's Orb, is free for the weekend to celebrate the third one being released.
Happy Reading!