Monday, March 25, 2013

My take on humans and with whom they sleep!

I have noticed an overabundance of people posting their belief as to how to handle gays. It's totally ironic because usually said people don't want to handle them at all!! Yet, they feel it is their God given duty to inform the public in what manner gay people should be handled. Why is this?

ALL people want to be treated as humans. Is that too much to ask? I should be treated as a human regardless of my color, sex, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation! For now, I'll stick with sexual orientation.

I don't think whether someone is gay, straight or bi should ever enter into a person's thought unless you're attracted to each other. If I need a job done, I don't need to know who you sleep with to determine if you'll be good at the job!

Another issue that people are getting upset over is whether or not someone who is gay should be allowed to get married. Why not? How will it possibly hurt someone for 2 people to proclaim their love for each other? Doesn't the world need more love than hate? I saw a comment today about how marriage was created to make babies and that is why gay people should not have the same allowances as heterosexuals. Dang.

I have seen gay couples denied visitation in a hospital because they were not "family." The supposed real family would not allow the partner to visit because they didn't agree with their family member's lifestyle. Well, that is precisely why each of us have our own lives to live. So we don't screw up everyone elses!!

Stop mucking with everyone else's lives! Live YOUR life to the fullest as YOU see fit to do. Don't infringe your beliefs on others. Don't hide behind your god either to do so. I have sat in a church where a preacher said gay people and teen mothers were going to hell. Well, somehow or another I bet that preacher who judges that way will make it there before them! What right does anyone have to hide behind a pulpit to say such things?!

It's comments like I have referred to that hurt people for years. It's comments like those that keep people from loving each other. It's comments like that, that make people, good people, people who would never ever bother you at all, hurt!!

Why are we spreading so much hurt? Spread some peanut butter on a sandwich before you spread hurt. Put that peanut butter in your mouth rather than open it and make a fool of yourself! Seriously, people, think before you hurt someone with all your words. Love people!! Love people!! Maybe if we stop judging people for stupid stuff like who they sleep with the world might find a little good news.

I could say so much more on this subject; but, I think I had better close for now.

Perhaps, everyone could learn a little something from Melvin in the movie As Good As It Gets. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it, highly. It's about an asshole learning how to be human.

Peace and Love to all the humans,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seeking a new job at a university! I need a change!

Just like chocolate cake, something good is on the way.

There is change brewing. I can feel it. It's like sand between my toes. I can squish my toes in it. It's comforting almost. I need a change. My family needs a change. I've realized that a couple of things really were like a dose of bad luck to my life. I'm shaking like a dog to get those things off!

I have decided I want a job in a college. I have the degrees to get one, so why should I wait? I should be able to get a good job! Here's my credentials in case you would like to know and possibly offer me a job! That would be awesome! All offers will be considered not matter where the location! :)

Tela Wallen

Objective I want a job in a university so I can help students achieve their academic goals for life.

EducationMasters in Secondary Education , English Language Arts

April 2004

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama

Class A Alabama Teaching Certificate

Language Arts Grades 6-12

Bachelor of Social Work

Minor in Criminal Justice

April 1996

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama

Employment Experience
2010 - Present Writer 2009 - 2010 Golden Living Center Boaz ~Social Service Director

2006/2007 School Year Douglas High School, Alabama
~Teaching Advanced 9th English, Advanced 11th English, and 11th English according to the Alabama Course of Study.
~Wrote a grant that was accepted for classroom set of dictionaries

2005/2006 school year in maternity absence Albertville High School, Alabama
~Teaching 9th and 10th grade English according to the Alabama Course of Study
~Preparing students for all tests including the Alabama High School Graduation Exam and Writing Assessment

Summer 2005 Albertville High School, Alabama
~English/Language and Reading preparation for Graduation Exam

2004/2005 school year Cleveland High School, Alabama
~English and Computer Science Teacher
~Teaching 11th and 12th grade English according to the Alabama Course of Study
~Teaching 10th grade Computer Science according to Objectives

Fall Semester, 2004 Snead State Community College
~Adjunct Professor of English 251, American Literature Online Course

June 2004 to August 2004 Sylvan Learning Center, Boaz, Alabama
~Reading Teacher

2002-2004 K· B Toy Outlet, Boaz, Alabama
~Helped to ensure customer satisfaction

2001-2002 Gadsden Treatment Center
~Addictions Counselor
~HIV/Hepatitis C Instructor
~Sexual Harassment Coordinator

1997-1998 Hope Place, Inc., Marshall County
~Counseled battered women and children

1996-1997 Home Place, Inc. Marshall County
~Case Manager/Acting Director

Writing Experience
Paint World Trilogy
Three Young Adult novels published with Amazon Ebooks

Ambition Rewarded
Women’s Fiction novel published with Amazon Ebooks

~An inspirational article on my son’s stroke and seizure challenges within my family. Printed in the July 2007 edition of Sand Mountain Living

Gardening Salvation
~An article about how gardening inspires a family. Sand Mountain Living May 2007

Soul Searchers
~One Act play produced at JSU, March 12, 2003

The Blue Bird
~Poem published in an American Anthology

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rabbits and other things

I am sharing my picture of a baby rabbit for no other reason than it's one of the cutest things ever! She has 3 siblings and tomorrow they will be 2 weeks old.

Here is a picture of her mother.
She was not the nicest rabbit when I got her. I've had to teach her that getting a pet or two is really nice. Now she rears up asking to be petted; but, if you frighten her with sudden movement her eyes bug out and she just might bite you!

I've been studying dinosaurs with my 8 year old and it's amazing to think at how dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years. MILLIONS!! Humans have only been around on the earth for roughly 200,000 years. How in the world have we mucked this earth up so badly! We are killing Mother Earth with our interference and so called "developments" of land. How is it that these things with tiny little fractions of brains were able to live for MILLIONS of years and we can't even make it to half a million?

Now, back to the bunny. Maybe we have created such dependence from everyone and everything that that is one of the reasons we are killing the planet. We think we know better. I thought it would be better for Tort, the momma bunny, to be nice. But am I right? If she lives under my roof it is right; however, if she lived in the wild it would be better for her to be aggressive and bite you.

How many other animals are we expecting to act different than they would in their natural habitat? I see stories of wolves biting people all the time. Tigers pounce people and maul them. Is it right to expect these large animals to constantly ward off their animal behaviours?

It's an interesting thing to ponder for a little while. I can answer with certainty that my fat cat is much happier inside. She was orphaned at about 3 weeks and I've had her ever since. She wants nothing more to do with outside than sit in the window. If I open it she runs scared to death!
Who knows the collective answer. I know, just like humans, I have to treat all my critters as the individuals they are. What works for one of my animals might not work so well with one of the others. Maybe we should think about that when dealing with other humans as well! Plus, think about the impact we will have on ALL people and critters around us before we do stuff that will potentially harm anything. Is it really worth it to spray round up, or would it be just as beneficial to all for us to get on our hands and knees and pull those weeds. Who knows. I just thought I would ramble for a bit.

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's your passion?

What's your passion? What makes you so excited, people can't stand to be around you when you're talking about it? What makes you tick?

Recently, my 8 year old had these words of wisdom. "My passion is science! I love dinosaurs and it's all about science. I love studying the science of dinosaurs!" Do you talk about things in your life like this? I mean, he's got it figured out! He knows EXACTLY what makes him wake up all excited each day! Do you wake up all excited to start your day?

I think there are less people waking up excited about anything. We are getting up and just taking in oxygen. We put one foot in front of the other with little to no enthusiasm for it. How can we continue to do that? What are we teaching our kids if we are miserable? There are plenty of things to be miserable about, but somehow we have to rise above that feeling. Somehow, we have to find a spark and make it burn!!

I challenge all of us to find our spark. Add fuel to it each day and watch how soon it will blaze. We'll feel better about ourselves. We'll be more productive. We'll be better parents, mates, friends. We'll love ourselves and wake up happy to do so.

Happy Reading or whatever makes YOU happiest!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sheryl Sandberg and her Feminism

I read in Time today about a woman, Sheryl Sandberg, who wants to bring back feminism. She doesn't like how more women are graduating from college; yet, they don't hold the most high powered jobs. She feels that women spend too much time raising a family and taking care of a household when they should be trying to get the highest ranked job in a company. She feels that women who do want to be homemakers are hurting all women's ability to get CEO positions and the likes. She says she is able to balance out family and work and other women should be able to do so without worrying about it hurting any part of their life. On the other hand, if a woman chooses to take a lesser job within a company in order to plan for a future family, she feels this is very bad for all women. She has even started a group called to encourage women to fight for the highest positions by being more aggressive, like men. She says when women lean into a job more they will find more career success.

I like being a woman. I don't believe I really want to be a man. I don't even want to act like a man, really! I am a bit of a Tom boy in that I am not a big fan of makeup or dressing up or even fancy stuff. I also would very much welcome a husband to go out and support the family while I stayed home and took care of the kids and making the place a home. I also think women, in general, are just as aggressive as any man when it comes to certain things. Have you watched a woman who feels like her child is being messed with? Have you seen those horns come out? I don't think I get much more aggressive than when you mess with one of my babies. I'll eat you alive and use a rib for a toothpick! Don't mess with MY babies!

Do I want to help run Facebook, as Mrs. Sandberg does. No. I don't. I am quite happy writing. I'm a writer and I don't feel that I need to own my own publishing company. I wouldn't get to write much then, would I? Plus, then I wouldn't be at home to take care of my special needs son and my teenager. My role as a mother is the most important job I have. I don't want to give that up just so I can say I run this empire of a company.

Here is another difference between how I feel and Mrs. Sandberg's thinking. I want everyone to be treated equally where they want to be treated. I don't think anyone should be mistreated for their gender, race, or ses. I won't put her down for running a company as well as having a family. It's her choice. It's my choice to be a writer and take care of my family.

We shouldn't hurt each other for our choices. Don't put other women down for the choices they make. We should each try to boost the other's self-esteem instead of pointing out faults based on the wrong set of rules. If I judged her by my rules, it wouldn't be good; but, what's the point in that? We are all made to be unique, meaning we all have to be ourselves. Men, this includes you, too! I don't think anyone should be put in a box of set rules based on gender. I don't believe there should be boxes within the genders either! Try to take each person where they are, accept them, and live your own lives. That's what I'm doing and what I'm teaching my children.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Tela Wallen

We all want to hear good stuff

Don’t want to hear bad.

We sit around waiting for time to heal us.

Time isn’t healing,

It’s not what it does,

It didn’t sign on for that job.

Healing is my business, and yours, and yours.

It’s up to our own pained heart.

I can’t heal you,

And you can’t heal me,

But together we can help each other.

Together we can talk

Together we can share

That we’re not all alone in our feelings.

That maybe one day in this mucked up world

We’ll find a little peace in each other’s arms.

A moment here,

A teardrop there,

If we’re together it won’t matter so much.

The same old hurts will still be ours

The same time keeps the beat,

But since our feet will be moving together

We’ll be dancing

Instead of just marching.

And that will not end in defeat.

Copyright 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013


This is my first women's fiction and it's FREE all weekend! You can download it directly from Amazon to your computer, reader, kindle, phone, whatever you use as your ereader.
It's about a teacher who is also an artist. She got out of teaching because of all the politics; however, her new boss wants to send her in to a school to find out how his business can help the school. A long time friend will offer assistance. Will she accept the help? Will she enjoy teaching again? Will she make any kind of positive impact on these students' lives?
Read it and find out! I would welcome you to write a review when your done. Tell me what you think about it!
Happy Reading!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Have a Cup of Joe

Sometimes the best thing we can do is sit back and have another cup of coffee. I've had to do that recently. Things change in our lives whether we want them to or not. We can either be a part of it, actively; or, we can be dragged kicking and screaming. Personally, I think I do better to sit back and process the whole thing in order to find the best way to proceed... oh, and have that 2nd, (well, it's really about the 4th) cup of coffee.

In the past few months I have finally had the issue of my abusive ex visitation rights settled. I won. He signed the papers that dissolved his rights. No one who can hurt children, adults, and animals as he did should be allowed to continue that hurt. Case closed.

I've stepped back and really looked at my writing and here is where it stands. I love to write poetry. I've been writing poetry from the time I could write. At my parents' house you can find any number of my earlier poems when looking through old stuff. So, I am very actively sending off poetry to card companies. It also makes me a bit like Steven Tyler said one time about writing lyrics, "I'm in lyric land, or hell." :) I have also decided to concentrate fully on my young adult novel series, Paint World. I am pulling them today from Amazon in order to edit them further, create new covers for them, and pursue an agent and publisher for them. I am currently working on the next installment for Paint World. If you're an author you will understand when I say this: Paint World keeps calling to me. I believe in it and I am choosing to put more energy into it. I'll keep you posted on Paint World and it's latest and greatest events! I'm looking for big things!

Happy Reading!