Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excerpt on Love

"I was just thinking how we have to not react to her.  I have to still be her daughter but not let her rule my every thought and action.  I can't change her; I have to be the one to change.  I have to know what I want (which is all of us together) and keep working towards that goal.  I have to walk the Grandmothers Way of quiet fortitude.  I have to trust in God and all of nature to make us as the willow on the banks, strong and bendable so I won't break.  I have to believe, have faith, and proudly claim my place beside you as your one true mate.  Through my quiet fortitude I will make amends to you and my boys and anyone else I have hurt in my reactions to a woman I should not alway listen to.  Only I can change.  I am changing.  I feel it.  I will love you until I draw my last breath.  I will make you proud one day.  I choose not to hurt you any more despite what I have been taught.  I will be more and work harder than I ever have.  This is my promise, my vow to you."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Young Witch

My new novel, The Young Witch is continuing to move forward.  I am really enjoying writing this one.  Here's this girl who's lost everything, but yet she moves forward to conquer worlds unknown with the strengths she didn't even realize she had.  Is it ok to find inspiration in one's own writing?  I hope so, because it does provide me inspiration to go on even when others tell me what a loser I am.  Makes me understand how some people are threatened by the unconditional lifestyles of others.  How sometimes, the smallest thing can really upset others; however, their dislike for something usually comes from their own insecurities.  What they see someone doing maybe slaps them in the face about what they would like to be doing.  I realize I'm rambling here, but I'm also making a point.  There are way too many people in the world pointing a finger at others to blame when what they really need to do is simply look at their own reflection.  We've all been guilty of this, but we can stop.  We can do better.  We can strive to be a better person ourselves and to heck with what others think about it.  Because, in the end, those people that were looking so hard at us, have already stopped looking long before we've even dried our tears.  So let's buck up like my character Laney and move forward, making the most of whatever life hands us.  I know I'm going to!


Monday, August 8, 2011

I want to sell more!

I have checked my sales and I have sold 6 books so far just this month!  I have 7 followers now on my blog.  Things are looking up! I took some time this morning to center myself and feel so good now!  I wish everyone could feel good.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

If you want a sultry cowboy novelette here it is!


I discovered that I need to flow more like a river.  If I do then the resistance I feel will not be as great as it is with me fighting against the ebb and flow of the waters.  I am strong and together with the river we make very strong companions that are able to move mountains if necessary.  Today, I am becoming the river!  With that said I have to let go and allow my senses to feel mother nature the way I am intended to do.  I feel her speak to me in the sunrise, caress me with her breezes, and wash away my fears with her waters.  I am meant to be at one with the earth just as my sisters before me.  Thank you!  Blessed be your day in whatever you do!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Sneak Peek at The Young Witch

Laney worked into the night and well after midnight collecting her work. The plants in the pots seemed to be fine, but the ones in the ground looked like they had a blight. It broke her heart. She could remember planting them with her mother before she even knew about the magick. “I miss you Momma.” She said as the wind caressed her face. She touched her cheek and could have sworn she felt her mother’s soft touch. “What I wouldn’t give for you to be here to help with this.” 

Then the breeze just left and Laney stood there feeling more empty and alone than she had ever felt. She felt as though her foundation had been knocked out from under her. She tried to breath, but just couldn’t remember how. She just stood there gapping for air, but not realizing that’s what she needed. All she could think about was how alone she was. How she had nobody to turn to, nobody to tell her what she should do, nobody to hash out the pros and cons to her. All she had was herself. “Well,” she wiped away a tear that had made it’s way out to her cheek, “Let’s go pack you guys into the motor home and pack up what we need from the house and get out of here.”

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thinking about economics and that maybe I'll win the lottery.

Sometimes, I think I think too much.  Ha ha!  Of course I guess that's what writers do.  We think so much we have to write it all down.  I ate out this weekend at Cracker Barrel and noticed a few changes in regards to economics.  The waiters (ours was very sweet and easy on the eye) and waitresses no longer naturally bring bread and butter to your table.  They also ask you if you want lemon in your tea rather than just placing it in your tea and letting you pick it out if you like.  All of these things in an effort to save money. 
At Wal-Mart last week I saw rows of rotten strawberries that had just been put out for consumption.  Are we, the consumers so stupid as not to notice the tiny little sweaters growing on the red fruit?  Please, Sam is rolling over in his grave now.  My pineapples have also went up to 3 bucks.  Leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it.
Books have went up too.  For lots of us Indie writers, like myself, we keep our books at reasonable prices that are much cheaper than a paper copy of it would be.  Not so for the authors who have already made it.  The paper copy is 12.99 and so is the ebook copy.  That's ridiculous and that's all I've got to say about that one.
Now all this mess in Washington is hurting all of us.  Why in the world those people can't see how much they have hurt all of us common people I don't know.  They must be like the old horses who used to wear blinders so all they could see was what was right in front of their faces.  Why they gave all that money to the banks I will never know.  As much money as they gave the banks, they could have given each one of us 1 million and had money left.  Guess what I would have done?  I would have paid off my bills and then the bank in turn would have gotten their money.  People would have bought bigger and better things, thereby adding to the economy and helping everyone.  Too late now. 
Guess I'll just hope I have the winning lottery ticket.  Maybe Washington should buy a ticket!  LOL!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

A passage from Ambition Rewarded

“Let’s have a look at your text,” I said thumbing through the teacher’s edition of the 12th grade literature book for this class. I grimaced as I looked at the dog-eared text. It had pages ripped out and the stories in it were nothing even I would look at twice. I sighed deeply and looked up at my class.

“Aint nothing in there we wants to read,” said Anthony. “You don’t even want to read it from the face you got.”

The class snickered in agreement.

Nodding and closing the sorry text, I came out from behind the desk and said, “You know what, Anthony, you’re right. I don’t want to read any of that in there. I think you would enjoy reading something else a lot better. What novels have you read?”

The students looked around at each other. “We don’t read novels,” one student said.

“Yeah, nobody gonna give us a novel and trust us to bring it back or actually read it,” added Tina.

I nodded and pulled out my cell phone and dialed a number. “Hey, Jerry! How are you this morning? Great. Yes, I’m good too. I’ve missed you lately. We have to get together again. Oh, tonight? Well, ok, sure. I’d love that Jer. Well, I called because I’m over here at my new teaching gig. Yeah, I know, I’ll explain that tonight too. What I need are some novels for my students. Um hum. I knew you could help. Well, I was thinking of some good Christmas novels old and new since it is the season. Cool. Oh about 35 should cover both my English classes. Then I was wondering if you have 15 of the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, M.D. Oh you do? Great. How soon could you get those together for me? You’re wonderful, Jer. I owe you. Oh, yeah, throw me some art books in there too. Yes, how tos and art appreciations. See you soon! Thank you!”

I finished and looked up at my class. They were looking at me with bewilderment. “What? Ain’t never seen a teacher use a cell phone before?”

The class laughed at that then said, “Now what?”

“Well, let’s see what you know about grammar.”

A collective moan went through the class. “I know, I know, but it won’t hurt.”

We went around the room playing guess what I am with parts of speech and the students did a very good job until a man I knew showed up at my open class.

“Jerry! I exclaimed. “You didn’t have to come so quickly!” I ran to help him. “How’d you find me?”

“Oh, Paxton and I just listened for your voice. You’re the only one who sounds happy around here,” he added as the kids observed him.

“Well, come in! Hey Paxton,” I greeted his lab but did not pet him.

My students exploded with screeches of “It’s a dog!” and “Can I pet him?” Until I quieted them down and added, “This is Mr. Jerry Pike and this is his guide dog, Paxton.”

“Hi,” Jerry said. “Let me get him out of harness then you can all pet him.” Jerry followed me to the desk and set the big box down then undid Paxton and let him go. The
students were eating it up.

“Thank you, Jerry,” I said. “You didn’t have to get that together so soon. And I would’ve come picked it up.”

“No problem. This way I got to see the look on your students’ faces at seeing a dog. I know how you like to break the rules you know.” He bumped into me and I bumped him back.

At that moment Ms. Martin decided to make an appearance in the doorway. “Ms. Vic, I didn’t know this was show and tell day.”

“Ms. Martin, can I introduce you to my friend and manager of Books Inc. Mr. Pike and his seeing eye dog, Paxton. They brought me some books I requested for the students.”

She was impressed but it only showed for a moment before she checked herself and said flatly, “My mistake, carry on.” Then walked on down the hallway.

Jerry leaned into my ear and said, “Tough cookie, huh?”

I snorted in response and he laughed.

“Not sure who’s worse, her or Larry.”

“You’re telling me.”

Paxton returned to Jerry and seated himself after all the kids got their turn at petting him. He was harnessed and Jerry left with a reminder to be ready by six for the symphony. I agreed and he left the class.
The teasing started then and I tried to take it in stride despite my cheeks turning bright red. I explained to them that we had been friends for many years, but nothing more. They didn’t believe me. Oh well, I don’t believe everything they say either. Guess that makes us equal.

The bell rang before we got to look at our books, but they seemed eager to come back tomorrow. Yippee! Not, well maybe a little yippee. On to the next class.

Hope you enjoyed this look into Ambition Rewarded.  You can pick it up as an ebook from Kindle and Smashwords!


Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes change is a bad thing, other times it's a good thing.  I think at different times in our lives it can mean totally different things to us.  My character in my next novel is experiencing just that, change.  She doesn't want to go willingly to change, but she will nevertheless. 

It's always exciting when starting a new novel.  I especially like researching everything so it is accurate.  There is much research involved with this one as it involves all kinds of good new things.  That's all I'll say today!  First excerpt coming soon to a blog near you!


Friday, July 29, 2011


I have been rather neglectful of my blog for awhile.  However I decided to pick it back up today.  I saw a lovely blog I wanted to follow.  I have also been working on a new book about a nice young witch who is discovering just how she would like to spend her life.  Fascinating research!  I am enjoying every minute of it.  I have redone the cover of Paint World The Dragon's Orb and am working on redoing the cover for the second in the series 1859 Caulder Street.  I am too excited!  Happy writing!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gabriel's Breakfast Recipe

Many people are curious about some of Gabriel's recipes from my Paint World Series.  Here's his breakfast casserole.

Gabriel's Breakfast Casserole Bake

6 fresh brown eggs
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
Cut up ham
Cut up cheese-- I use a mixture of different cheeses
Dry instant potatoes
Some Nature's Seasoning, pepper, paprika, and parsley

Mix all ingredients with the instant potatoes being the last thing. Use as much as it would take to make it the consistency of grits before they are cooked.  Should be kind of lumpy.  Butter a small rectangular Pyrex dish and pour in the batter.  Pop it in an oven of 350 degrees.  Let cook until it's all bubbly and turning golden around the sides.  Add more cheese on top, if you like, and let it cook for about 10 - 15 more minutes, until knife comes out clean.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Paws' Brothers

As promised I am blogging about what my Paws brothers are up to in their 3rd book in the Paint World series.  Gabriel and Drake's catering business, Dark Cuisine, is doing better than ever!  They are constantly involved with a gig for someone of either their old life, or in their new life of Paint World.  Tempest is playing a larger role in Dark Cuisine as the public relations director.  She is also having to fill in for Drake while he spends more time with his new friend, Rusty.  I am about 3/4 of the way finished with the 3rd novel in my series.  Look forward to posting it on ebooks when I finish it!


My first interview!

I was interviewed on Michelle Scott's blog today.   This is my first interview.  You can find it here:

I hope this is a springboard for my writing to take off.  I love writing and can't wait for more people to enjoy my books as my children do!  This series is my boys' favorite of all my writing because it really does showcase them and how they like to view themselves.  Gives them a bit of a confidence booster each time we read portions of it.  I hope it will help other boys to be themselves and be confident in the person they are becoming. 

Look forward to see you here!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Martha Rules

In starting my new art business, and I have begun reading Martha Stewart's The Martha Rules.  She is a brilliant business woman.  She explains how many people don't even know what thing they are passionate about.  I am passionate about my writing and my art.  I especially enjoy illustrating what I have written.  Now I am going to get the opportunity to help others to learn the enjoyment art can give to a person.  It's an awesome feeling.  Everyone always seems to think artist are rather eccentric.... I guess we are.  I tend to march along to my own beat, and make myself happy in my own way more than I worry about what others think. I used to worry about it being a good thing; now, I know it's a good thing! God has given each of us certain talents which, if we use them, can help fulfill a certain need within society.  All we have to do is "Be still, and know."  One of my favorite verses.

Now if you will excuse me, I must finish my watermelon and cantaloupe.  As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No More!

Some people just suck. They just plain old suck. They don’t give a darn about anyone but themselves and they will gladly use up anyone they can in order to get something for themselves. They will float along all through life just taking and squeezing what they can from everyone around them. They will use a person up before the host even realizes it, often leaving the host so wiped out, they can’t help but be sick.

Women are notorious for putting up with mean spirited people like this. We have a forgiving soul that will let this piece of crap walk back into our lives time after time, not even realizing all the internal damage the asshole is causing. We will listen to him when he says how sorry he is, and how he would do better if we would only do something differently. This is the point where our brains ought to act like a car that’s just been thrown into park while doing 55 on the highway. “Crunck! Croink! Clonk!” And we should be able to say to ourselves, “Wait a minute here? He’s the one who was trying to choke me and he says I am wrong?” A look of total disbelief will cross his face when you stand up for yourself. If you defend yourself, he will get this look that goes even beyond a look you have ever seen cross his brow. He will be so very mad because he is losing the one thing he wanted so badly… power. When you stand up for yourself, you take back the reins to your life.

He won’t be able to call you stupid anymore and you believe it. Don’t believe it! That’s what he wants you to believe so you’ll turn to him on even the simplest things. “How do I boil these hotdogs?” “How much water can I put in the tub?” “Can I go swimming?” These are all things even the most base person can comprehend, but he wants you to believe you can’t. He wants you to believe that if you so much as think your own thought, it will blow up in your face so that you will have to have his help to clean up the mess. He’s wrong. He’s wrong. HE’S WRONG!! He knows it too, that’s why he has to keep you believing you don’t have a clue.

If you ever get wise to him, then his whole world starts to crumble. He can’t put the pieces back soon enough for you not to see through the ruse.

Why do we women and sometimes men, put up with crap like this? We would tell our best friend to get out of the same situation, but not us at the moment. Why? Because we don’t want to be considered a failure. He has put it in our head that everyone is just watching and waiting for us to fail so they can clap their hands and poke their fingers at us. He even makes us feel like our families are waiting for the ship to sink. Guess what, they are not. He will do his best to push us as far away from friends and family as he possibly can. Why? Because they see what an ass he is! They know how he is twisting our minds so that we will be everything he wants us to be. My question here is this. Can someone like that even be happy? If we became exactly what he desired, would he then be happy? I don’t think so. I think he would still be a miserable blankity blank because that’s what he’s good at. It’s all he knows. Oh, and if he’s turned you against your friends and family, search your soul for the truth, because anything he told you was probably a lie. Talk to them. I bet they will completely understand and welcome you to them with open arms.

Well, I say no more! I am a strong woman who has made it many years without the help of any man, and I will continue to do so. Yes, he tried hard to break down my self-esteem, and this is not the first time it’s happened. It is the last though. I will be happy within my own heart. I will continue to show my boys just how strong their Momma is. I refuse to be someone’s throw rug any more. God will see me through. He has been with me through it all and He will continue to guide me through all of this. I can be a success at whatever I want to be. I don’t have to listen to all of the negative comments placed in my head by any non-believer. I’m not stupid! I’m not ugly! I’m not someone’s punching bag! I am worthy of great things! I am smart! I am a good Momma! I’m a good person! I am God’s child and He only wants greatness for me! I will repeat this mantra for as long as it takes for me to believe it. I deserve to be happy. Period.


Monday, May 30, 2011


I am tired tonight. Husband walked out tonight after a bit of an explosion, and that's just fine.  Me and my boys are happier without being fussed at all the time for things we can't help.  Now I can go to bed and wake up as early as I want to to write.  Woop woop!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Before Women Had Wings

Awesome chat with Connie Mae Fowler about her movie on OWN network.  It was a brilliant movie and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her about it while watching it.  She is such an inspiration to me.  I hope I can some day be as good an author as she is.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even continue to write, but she inspires me to keep on doing it because that's what I am supposed to be doing.  I am a writer!  I need to write!  God wants me to write!  I will continue writing!  Someone will start buying my books soon.  I just know it!  I am a writer!


Connie Mae Fowler

Before Women Had Wings by Connie Mae Fowler is showing again today on OWN.  Connie Mae will be having a live chat on her fan page at

Looking forward to being there!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

My books

I sure wish people would start buying my books.  It seems to be an issue of not having it in their hands to hold.  You buy it and it downloads to your pc, phone, or kindle.  Maybe one day, I will check my sales reports and bamm it will be selling like hotcakes.  Until then, I guess I should focus on baking bread for sale and teaching art classes.


The Rite

The Rite is a very good movie.  Anthony Hopkins is of course brilliant, but the scope of his character in this one is just awesome.  He goes from his soft rich tones to this demonic whisper then chanting like an auctioneer as he is possessed by a demon.  Having taken stage makeup at JSU with Freddy Clements I know the work involved in creating the looks he wore.  It was splendid.  He was his usual pallid self, then went into this reddish, purple then burnt appearing face that seemed to bubble as his student attempted to cast the demon out.  It is not a movie for the faint of heart, but it is brilliant.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Even writers must stop to eat every now and then.  And watch TV.  LOL  I will be watching The Rite.  Will post about it later!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New book

I had an idea today for a new book.  It's going to be a historical fiction which my husband will help me with writing.  He is a HUGE historian and is all over the idea.  He will help ensure I get all my facts correct.  ;-)  I have also been cooking a lot lately.  I've always enjoyed cooking and as a matter of fact in my young adult series two of the main characters run a catering business.  Lately I have been a whirlwind in the kitchen, pulling out all the stops!  My boys, all of them, my sons and husband, are enjoying it thoroughly.  I love working with different characters and their recipes.  It's great thinking like my characters.  Gives me an opportunity to be someone else for a moment.  I can let my souffles always turn out in my books!  LOL!

Happy Reading and Writing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My husband and I stop by this 1870s house yesterday.  It was amazing at the architecture that was put into this old house and I instantly began imagining the lives the lived there.  It was a big house for those days with a large living room, large master bedroom, a kitchen and a pantry that we could imagine meat hanging in it to dry.  It also had an upstairs that from the looks of things ran the length of the house.  There was an original door knob that let us know someone had not lived there since probably the 1940s.  We felt like it must have been used to raise their family, but no one else had wanted it after they died.  So sad to see them just sit there.  It was beautiful in its day and quite the show palace as most people during that time couldn't have afforded such a nice place.  I found an owl feather there and could truly feel my Indian roots smiling at me for appreciating such a find.  Thank you, Lord!


Friday, May 20, 2011

New Avenue

I am daring to start an new adventure in my life.  I am going to teach art classes.  I have always wanted to teach art, but never had the guts to do so.  After my friend Brandy asked me to do so, I thought about it and have decided, yes, I will teach art.  I am excited to start this new adventure.  I will continue to write as well as read and posts about that.  I look forward to writing about my art teaching experience!  Have a great day!  I thank the Lord for all of my many blessings.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Up To

First of all let me say welcome to my blog!  Next let me be completely honest.... I'm new to the blogging scene.  I want to connect with other readers and writers who want to talk about what they are currently reading or writing. 

I am currently rereading Stephen King's Needful Things.  My husband and I are both reading it and are enjoying discussing it each day.  King is simply brilliant.  He uses just the right names for all of his characters so that their personalities shine through before the reader even gets to know them.  It's also amazing how well he takes people's ordinary behaviours and turns them into such sinister behaviors when taken to extremes.   

Currently, I am working on the 3rd novel of my Paint World series.  I have the first two already available from Amazon ebooks.  It's a series about a group of brothers with some extraordinary talents of painting, cooking, and helping others.  In the third of the series the boys make some important discoveries.  I am also working on another women's fiction with an incredibly strong woman who has to face many trials just to survive!

Happy reading and writing!