Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Young Witch

My new novel, The Young Witch is continuing to move forward.  I am really enjoying writing this one.  Here's this girl who's lost everything, but yet she moves forward to conquer worlds unknown with the strengths she didn't even realize she had.  Is it ok to find inspiration in one's own writing?  I hope so, because it does provide me inspiration to go on even when others tell me what a loser I am.  Makes me understand how some people are threatened by the unconditional lifestyles of others.  How sometimes, the smallest thing can really upset others; however, their dislike for something usually comes from their own insecurities.  What they see someone doing maybe slaps them in the face about what they would like to be doing.  I realize I'm rambling here, but I'm also making a point.  There are way too many people in the world pointing a finger at others to blame when what they really need to do is simply look at their own reflection.  We've all been guilty of this, but we can stop.  We can do better.  We can strive to be a better person ourselves and to heck with what others think about it.  Because, in the end, those people that were looking so hard at us, have already stopped looking long before we've even dried our tears.  So let's buck up like my character Laney and move forward, making the most of whatever life hands us.  I know I'm going to!


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