Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Sneak Peek at The Young Witch

Laney worked into the night and well after midnight collecting her work. The plants in the pots seemed to be fine, but the ones in the ground looked like they had a blight. It broke her heart. She could remember planting them with her mother before she even knew about the magick. “I miss you Momma.” She said as the wind caressed her face. She touched her cheek and could have sworn she felt her mother’s soft touch. “What I wouldn’t give for you to be here to help with this.” 

Then the breeze just left and Laney stood there feeling more empty and alone than she had ever felt. She felt as though her foundation had been knocked out from under her. She tried to breath, but just couldn’t remember how. She just stood there gapping for air, but not realizing that’s what she needed. All she could think about was how alone she was. How she had nobody to turn to, nobody to tell her what she should do, nobody to hash out the pros and cons to her. All she had was herself. “Well,” she wiped away a tear that had made it’s way out to her cheek, “Let’s go pack you guys into the motor home and pack up what we need from the house and get out of here.”

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