Sunday, August 7, 2011


I discovered that I need to flow more like a river.  If I do then the resistance I feel will not be as great as it is with me fighting against the ebb and flow of the waters.  I am strong and together with the river we make very strong companions that are able to move mountains if necessary.  Today, I am becoming the river!  With that said I have to let go and allow my senses to feel mother nature the way I am intended to do.  I feel her speak to me in the sunrise, caress me with her breezes, and wash away my fears with her waters.  I am meant to be at one with the earth just as my sisters before me.  Thank you!  Blessed be your day in whatever you do!


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  1. Hi follower #3! My husband and I just had to look up ebb last night because we were not quite sure of the meaning.
    Have a Blessed Day!!

    P.S. Follow some of the hops like "Friday Fragments" they are a great source for new followers and readers.