Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My husband and I stop by this 1870s house yesterday.  It was amazing at the architecture that was put into this old house and I instantly began imagining the lives the lived there.  It was a big house for those days with a large living room, large master bedroom, a kitchen and a pantry that we could imagine meat hanging in it to dry.  It also had an upstairs that from the looks of things ran the length of the house.  There was an original door knob that let us know someone had not lived there since probably the 1940s.  We felt like it must have been used to raise their family, but no one else had wanted it after they died.  So sad to see them just sit there.  It was beautiful in its day and quite the show palace as most people during that time couldn't have afforded such a nice place.  I found an owl feather there and could truly feel my Indian roots smiling at me for appreciating such a find.  Thank you, Lord!


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