Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Up To

First of all let me say welcome to my blog!  Next let me be completely honest.... I'm new to the blogging scene.  I want to connect with other readers and writers who want to talk about what they are currently reading or writing. 

I am currently rereading Stephen King's Needful Things.  My husband and I are both reading it and are enjoying discussing it each day.  King is simply brilliant.  He uses just the right names for all of his characters so that their personalities shine through before the reader even gets to know them.  It's also amazing how well he takes people's ordinary behaviours and turns them into such sinister behaviors when taken to extremes.   

Currently, I am working on the 3rd novel of my Paint World series.  I have the first two already available from Amazon ebooks.  It's a series about a group of brothers with some extraordinary talents of painting, cooking, and helping others.  In the third of the series the boys make some important discoveries.  I am also working on another women's fiction with an incredibly strong woman who has to face many trials just to survive!

Happy reading and writing!

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