Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rabbits and other things

I am sharing my picture of a baby rabbit for no other reason than it's one of the cutest things ever! She has 3 siblings and tomorrow they will be 2 weeks old.

Here is a picture of her mother.
She was not the nicest rabbit when I got her. I've had to teach her that getting a pet or two is really nice. Now she rears up asking to be petted; but, if you frighten her with sudden movement her eyes bug out and she just might bite you!

I've been studying dinosaurs with my 8 year old and it's amazing to think at how dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years. MILLIONS!! Humans have only been around on the earth for roughly 200,000 years. How in the world have we mucked this earth up so badly! We are killing Mother Earth with our interference and so called "developments" of land. How is it that these things with tiny little fractions of brains were able to live for MILLIONS of years and we can't even make it to half a million?

Now, back to the bunny. Maybe we have created such dependence from everyone and everything that that is one of the reasons we are killing the planet. We think we know better. I thought it would be better for Tort, the momma bunny, to be nice. But am I right? If she lives under my roof it is right; however, if she lived in the wild it would be better for her to be aggressive and bite you.

How many other animals are we expecting to act different than they would in their natural habitat? I see stories of wolves biting people all the time. Tigers pounce people and maul them. Is it right to expect these large animals to constantly ward off their animal behaviours?

It's an interesting thing to ponder for a little while. I can answer with certainty that my fat cat is much happier inside. She was orphaned at about 3 weeks and I've had her ever since. She wants nothing more to do with outside than sit in the window. If I open it she runs scared to death!
Who knows the collective answer. I know, just like humans, I have to treat all my critters as the individuals they are. What works for one of my animals might not work so well with one of the others. Maybe we should think about that when dealing with other humans as well! Plus, think about the impact we will have on ALL people and critters around us before we do stuff that will potentially harm anything. Is it really worth it to spray round up, or would it be just as beneficial to all for us to get on our hands and knees and pull those weeds. Who knows. I just thought I would ramble for a bit.

Happy Reading!


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