Friday, March 23, 2012


How many of us would like to be romanced with rose petals thrown from the castle's roof as we ride side saddle into our new kingdom? While watching First Knight all I could think about was how expensive that would be. Then when I read about people's men throwing down flower petals for them on Valentine's all I could think was, "Who's going to clean that up?"
I know, I know, it was supposed to make me say, "Ah, how sweet!" Somehow that is just not how my mind works. Go figure! I love romance. I love writing romance and have been accused of loving my fictional characters more than real men. (Maybe...) I believe my take on this is that those rose petals are really not that romantic because anyone can tear up some flowers, ask my dogs and the neighbor's cat.
Not everyone can truly know their loved one and give them something they would cherish. Well, they could know them in that way, but then what will your friends say when they ask you what your man got for you? He made me a fresh fried egg sandwich on homemade rye with a strong cup of hazelnut coffee on the side and a dessert of one dark chocolate candy with some strawberries. AND he cleaned up after himself. hehehe Now THAT is romantic in my book! Literally!!
Seriously, there are so many people who spend megabucks they don't have on jewelry they don't need just to impress someone. If you have the money, then by all means diamonds are wonderful!! Of course if you really want to impress your woman you'll find out what her favorite gem is and get her something with that gem in it. That would make it special!
Also, romance doesn't have to be anything big. How nice would it be to complete a task so everyone can sit down early to watch some tv or play a game? For example: clothes need washing, dishes need doing, kids need washing.... etc. While she is washing the kids and the clothes he could do the dishes. What a pleasant surprise that would be to find the dish fairy had completed the task! Bet that man would get a big kiss for his efforts. Do that more often and you might get something else as well (wink wink!!)
Anyway, I just thought I would ramble for a minute on romance. Now, I'm going to go cozy up to my guy in my next romantic novel.
Happy Day!

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