Monday, July 30, 2012

Good news should outweigh the bad

I woke up with Anne Murry's A Little Good News on my mind and I pulled it up to listen to it. I have always loved that song. It talks about how there is always bad news flooding the media. It's true. I have a theory I want to share on how maybe, just maybe, we can turn around the bad in our world to be good.

Someone who does something bad, like shoot innocent people watching a movie, gets their picture plastered across all forms of media. There's not a place that terrorist can look without seeing his face. He must be very proud and feel as though he is a hero in a sick and twisted world he's created. Someone rapes someone, murders someone, holds someone hostage and the news is all over it! Those bad guys get front page attention, book contracts, and more publicity than even the Queen!

What if the media stopped showing these bad guy faces on the news? What if instead of focusing on all the bad in the world we had news stories about a teenager trying to promote more attendance of youth in his church? What about reporting on news of a shelter that's fed 200 people a day for 15 years? What about reporting on a person who for the first time in their family's history has had someone graduate from college?

In watching the Olympics gymnastics last night one US girl did not make the All Around Round in gymnastics; however, 2 of her teammates did make the All Around. Instead of focusing on the celebration of the 2 girls who did make it the media zoomed in tight on the other girl's sadness and tears. Please, stop doing things like this! We have to try and focus our minds on the good around us instead of all the bad.

I know, first hand how bad news impacts our lives. I was abused by my ex husband, and for years, years, I have allowed all those feelings to rule my life. He hurt my self-esteem to the point that I felt I wasn't even worthy of love, not even God's love. I have only recently learned that I am worthy of love. I am worthy of good things happening to me. More people need to know how much God loves them, how much their fellow man loves them. The crazies really do not outnumber the sane in this country, but you can't tell that by our news. All of us good people have to put on our armour and battle these demons! We have to decide we are tired of being bombarded with craziness and turn it around!

We have to put out good stuff to receive good in return. We have to stop saturating the earth with bad and start putting in some new. You wouldn't plant a tree in the summer and not water it would you? No. You know to water that good tree. So, water all the things that are good and those good things will grow! All of us have to do our part and give more good to this world.

I don't care what religion you are, most faiths of any kind still want peace and understanding in this world. That comes from simply following the rule of treating people as we want to be treated. Be good to each other, care about each other, show some compassion, then report on that good stuff! Saturate your local news with good human interest stories. Eventually, they will listen. Eventually the bad guys will be placed at the back of the attention they so eagerly crave and maybe they won't do bad in order to get their moment of fame. Eventually, maybe we'll see a smiling face on the front of a paper some time other than once or twice a year.

Good news should really outweigh the bad news all the time.


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