Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romance Writer

This week there was a post about the Fifty Shades. Someone was saying it was a sin to read books like that with sex through them that made the reader feel lust. They were especially concerned about a Christian person reading the likes of that type of literature that would make one feel such base emotions.
As a writer of romance books I had to make a comment; and, after thinking about it a little more, I decided to do a whole blog post about it.
When I write my romance books I want people to feel passion as they read it. I want them to look to their partner after they've read it and say, "you know, you're looking good!" What's wrong with that? Nothing. Further more, what's wrong with feeling a little lust? A healthy dose of lust can go a long way for a relationship! It can put a spark back into the deal that was missing or lacking. What's the point in reading a romance novel if there's no spark? I'm not saying there has to be sex in every romance novel; however, there's nothing wrong with it being there either.
Now, I have never been told I can't read something. I think if I had been told that, it would have worked in the opposite way and I would have read whatever the forbidden material was as soon as I could! I don't think we are what we read. We have a choice how we feel and act about what we read. Reading fiction is a form of escapism. We want to get away from our normal every day life in order to experience the extraordinary. That doesn't mean that if I read a book about superman that I think I can fly. I don't. I have a brain. It has not turned to the mush I sometimes write and read. I make the choice as to what I do each day regardless of what I read. I can't even say that I've read something of sexual prowess that made me go jump anyone the minute I saw them. Hmmm.
I say let people read what they want to. I'm sure that no matter what you read, there are worse books out there as well as better. Sometimes bad is better, sometimes not. Either way, it's your choice what you read and how you respond to it. Personally, I hope when one reads my romance books they can't wait to tackle their partner and make mad passionate love to them.
Happy Reading!

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