Sunday, August 26, 2012

He's Coming

He's Coming.

I woke up one night saying those words. He's coming. My husband said, "Who's coming?"
I answered, "God." I breathed deeply. "And He's not happy."
Steve said, "Uh oh."
I said, "He's not mad. He's sad."
I had a dream that I was at some kind of convention, without my family, and we were packing up to go home. I was looking forward to seeing my family. Then I learned that someone needed help finding their husband. A storm was coming. I went out onto this dock and could see the ocean just churning. There were news crews on the scene everywhere down on the beach. I stepped to the end of the pier where the woman wondered where her husband was. A man was there, too, whom I had went to school with. We all 3 took hands and could feel the winds whipping around us. I could feel the debris from the destruction on my skin, but it didn't hurt me. All the muddy mess was on me, but it didn't even harm me. Then I felt HIM. God was coming. The non-believers were being swept away. I could have looked to my right and seen it all, but I dared not look. I was watching what was in the water. Jesus' face was in the water. I asked the man to my left, "Do you see Him?"
He nodded and said, "I see Jesus."
I was filled with peace knowing my family was safe. I knew that even though God was wiping out the non-believers I didn't have to worry about my family. We were safe in the arms of Jesus. I had to keep my eye on Jesus and there He was, right there in the water helping me with keeping my focus.
I woke up mumbling, "He's coming. He's coming. He's coming."
We have to reach out to everyone and tell them Jesus loves them! We have to somehow help plant the seeds so God can gather in His children who may be lost. He's coming and we have to save as many people as possible.

My boys got baptized today. They both have taken the Lord as their guide and savior. Watching them today brought tears of joy to my eyes. It's good to have God to believe in. Without Him we might as well be on a sea in a boat without a rudder and not even the sun or moon to guide us. I'm glad they know they need Him as their guide.

I'm glad I know God is my Savior. I always believed in God, but now I truly believe. I want to know more. I want to live for Him and help do His work. I was asked to commit my life to God and at that moment, I knew. I am God's child. He will get me through anything.

What do you believe in?


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