Thursday, August 30, 2012

What gets you excited?

Can you imagine how nice it would be if people got as excited about Jesus as they do about football?

Just think about it for a minute....

There are people who wear their team's jersey every day. They have bumper stickers. They have parties to celebrate wins and losses. They proudly proclaim, "I'm a ____________ fan!!" (You fill in the blank with your favorite team.) They are happy when their team wins, and mope around when their team loses. They pay mega bucks to get the extra sports channels so they don't miss a game. They will pay massive amounts of money to follow their team to the super bowl if they get the chance. They will take a chance on even getting a ticket into the game. They will sleep on the sidewalk just for a chance to see their team from a vantage point that makes all players look like ants win a game.

What if all that time and money were spent in discipleship for God? What if the nation decided it's ridiculous to pay these athletes millions of dollars to play a game they would probably play anyway?

(AND on a side note, how many of these very well paid professional athletes play that sport with their own children when they get home? Or coach the local team of kids in that sport? Just some thoughts.)

I'm not antisport, either. As a matter of fact I just signed my youngest up to play soccer and we've been practicing each day. I think it's a good thing physically and mentally. It's something we get excited about in our house now; however, we get more excited about our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us! Jesus died for us so that we could live! Can we say that about any one of those people we all gather around 'the box' to watch and cheer on each week?

What about taking a side for a fictional character? Are you team Edward or team Jacob? I haven't seen that kind of proclamation about our Lord. Team Jesus or Team Satan? Everyone just assumes His light will shine through. His light will shine through; but, we have to open the shades. We have to declare, "Team Jesus!" and choose to follow His team. There's no better team. It won't be easy to follow Him all the time. There will be many obstacles in the way trying to make you change your team colors, trying to make you think God's simplicity isn't real. It is real. His love for us is real and He will guide us to a touchdown every time if we let Him. He loves us so much he sent his very own son to die for us. How much more committed could the Lord be to us, His children?

Food for thought this morning as I drink my coffee.

Have a blessed day. Oh, and one more thing: Jesus loves you, yes you.


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