Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Soft Underbelly

All of us have a soft underbelly. Some of us let that belly out daily for everyone to see by posting our most intimate details of life on social media. Others don't show that soft side on social media, much less in real life. I am one of those people who rarely show my vulnerable side for one reason or another.

I have no desire to air my laundry out for the whole world to see. I don't really care if everyone knows my favorite color. I let some things out, such as favorite book, author, my mad cooking skills ;-),  my love for coffee and animals. Things that, while telling of me, is only to a certain degree.

The coin flip is what I see daily with regards to social media. There are people who have to be a stalker's dream come true because they post everything about their life. They post where they are eating, what they are eating, with whom they are eating; and, they snap a selfie to prove their point. There are even teachers now posting all of their classroom activities on facebook. Do you know how vulnerable this is making the entire class of children? If someone wanted to kidnap one of the kiddos, all they have to do is wait for your field trip posting because it tells the time you will arrive, depart, what you will eat, and what you will wear. It has ALL the information that unsub could want to know without much effort on his/her part. All he has to do is wait for you! You've already created the perfect opportunity by disclosing the soft underbelly.

For people like me, I choose to show a tough exterior. One that says, I'm good, all is well in my life. I recently wrote a blog about how I am single and smiling. For the most part, that is true. At that moment in my life, I truly could not have imagined our moment any differently. However, I have to admit, the desire to have a partner is strong. (I am showing my underbelly just a little. Be kind.) At 42 flirting games are different than they were at 20something. I know how to flirt, but to what extent? My boys have forever told me of guys that have been interested in me; but, I haven't noticed. Now, I find myself wishing maybe I had paid a little more attention to someone's notice of me...Oh, is what it is. Rolling back over now to scratch my ear. Underbelly is safely under wraps again, just where I like it. Bark! Bark!

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