Monday, April 18, 2016


How often are you discouraged? How often do you get off to a good start with a new idea and something happens to deflate your balloon. You have to pump more air into the tire to get the car rolling again; but, it doesn't even seem worth the effort.

I think many of us feel that same way. We get excited about something, fired up, then someone might say our idea sucks; and, we question ourselves. We start to have feelings of doubt. Then, just like that, we see the failures in front of us instead of the tiny steps forward. We look around and see the bad things happening instead of all the good things. We cast doubt on things that should be perceived as a learning curve.

Folks, you are not alone! As an artist, I look at my projects sometimes and think, "There's no way anyone could ever want that. It's crap!" When I write, I marvel at how anyone could want to read my words! Why in the world does someone value my thoughts enough to read them, view them, become a part of my world? But, they do! Not always, and my bank account says it's not happening near enough; but, it happens! There are some people who are reading my writings, enjoying my art, waiting for whatever thing I'll offer next.

Thank you for giving me encouragement in a world full of so much discouragement. I need it. Give encouragement to all the people in your life and around you. It might be just what someone needs to make it to tomorrow.

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