Monday, March 21, 2016


Yesterday, I actually climbed that mountain, so to speak, and ran! I deliberately ran, without a donut dangling in front of me like a carrot in front of a rabbit.

I took off for my brisk walk. It felt good, as usual. But when I could see the stop sign in the distance, I took off with the determination to not stop running until I was aligned with the stop sign. I think it almost killed me. My body turned to me and asked, "What the crap? I thought we had a deal to WALK, not RUN! What changed?"

I didn't die.

I walked some more, until once again, there was a street sign in the distance beckoning me to run to it. This time, my body ran, but it was in shock. How could I stop the soothing walking rhythm we had honed for this out of control jiggling, rocking motion I was making myself do? It was madness, and I really did gasp and groan after this jaunt of catching up to my bike riding son. "I might die!" He wasn't perplexed at all as he flew away on those beautiful two wheels that had to be better than running feet!

I walked, again, since I did not die...

I walked until I saw one of my favorite trees. This tree is amazing! It is huge and sports all kinds of ferns sprouting from every limb. No telling how many times I've stopped to marvel at this wondrous creation. Yesterday, this tree begged me to run to it. NOOOO!!! Why did this tree have to get in on the cheering? I couldn't tell her no! So, I ran to my tree. Her ferns waved in encouragement to me.

I walked into the house astonished to be doing so after my decisive actions of mixing running into my walk. I was filled with a sense of accomplishment that I ran part of the way through my neighborhood. While to some I am sure my run wasn't much, it was to me. It was empowering to know my body didn't let me down. I wanted to do something; and, I did it! I dared to be more than just a walker.

I have to warn you, I did feel the difference in walking and running by the afternoon. While immediately after my run, I felt energized and ready to go again, in the evening, I was ready to crash with side stiches and knee groans. And, I did crash last night and slept better than ever.

Maybe, I truly CAN be a runner...

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