Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't Eat a Dog Turd

Lately, I have been watching the world and all I can seem to think is something Dad has always said, "If everyone was eating a dog turd, would you?"

Let's ponder this thought. He used to say it when I would use the excuse that everyone else was doing it or had it or whatever other lame thought you can insert here. He would not stop what he was doing but simply ask me that question. Of course, I'd say no, and admonish him for not sticking to the topic. His response: "If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?"

I'm seeing a whole lotta dog turds being held up on fancy platters and swallowed like ripe figs. I am seeing people following the masses to get in line first so they can get the freshest dog turd. They stand there looking like little boxes begging for a steaming piece of dog shit like everyone else has! When they get the turd and smear it all over their face and smile through the tears of disgust, I wonder if they realize they are full of shit? It's a stinky, nasty piece of poo that you have all over you! A shower can only wash so many things...

I have a collection of polished rocks Dad gave me when I was just a kid. I love this box of rocks. Did you know, even though this box of rocks have lived together for years, they still maintain their uniqueness? There's one that is shaped like a foot. There's one that looks just exactly like white ocean sand with the tide coming in. There's one that looks like the forest. There's even one that looks like part of it is on fire. There's one that looks like a maze; and, I marvel at the tiny creature who would enjoy following that maze to the fortune it must hold.

Individuality is important. It is NOT screaming out to the masses to look at all the differences. It is NOT intentionally blending so well with the masses that you lose your own perspective. No. Individuality is being who you are without regards to what everyone else thinks. When you are your true self, what others think about you doesn't matter. You will be you regardless of the masses. You will never get in line for anyone's dog turd because you know your own flavor and don't want it tarnished. You won't be hungry for acceptance because you know self acceptance is what counts in the long run. So long as you are harming none, be you! Stay away from those long lines of deception social media likes to wrap in bows and plastic bling. Be your own rock, staying true to your own special pattern. You'll fit in where you're supposed to fit, not where you're forced to fit.

If everyone else is eating a dog turd, you don't have to, too. Go pick some grapes. Wild onions would taste far better than a turd.

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